I don’t know if you guys are aware, but I’m about to be an AUNTIE! I guess technically I can be considered an aunt to Kyle’s 2 nephews, (well, since we’re not married yet, I guess technically I’m not an aunt to ANYONE. But I don’t think that matters. Moving on.)  but I wasn’t in the picture when they were born, so this feels different for me. Kyle’s brother and his wife are having TWINS! TWICE THE EXCITEMENT, GUYS!

They’re having a boy and girl (Colten and Chloe) and they’re due in March of 2017! The whole family is so excited for them and I’ve been thinking about what to get them for the big arrival here in a couple months! In my searches, I came across a ton of really interesting products that I had no idea existed – but when you think about it, they can make life for new parents so much easier! 

I put together a little guide of some of my favorite things I found, some I bought, and some that are just really simple go-to’s for showers that new parents will always need!

1. ONESIES! Long and short sleeved, gowns, and ones with pants. Onesies are easy to get on, get off, and change diapers with. Like we need any more of a reason to buy them for our expecting parents! The gowns that cinch up at the end are good go-tos as well!

2. Binxybaby Grocery Cart Hammocks

Um, okay. These things are incredible. Binxybaby sent me two of these for our new little family members and I just know their parents will love the convenience! They attach to the sides of most grocery carts, and you can buckle your little babe right in! They are SUPER light weight, you can just keep them in the car so they’re always there when you need to make an emergency stop! The groceries conveniently sit right underneath and it’s very helpful (it’s perfect, actually) for parents with doubles because now they won’t need to have TWO carts to hold TWO car seats. These hold up to 50 pounds too, so rest assured, your baby will be totally taken care of in one of these whether he or she is in the car seat or not! You’ll be seeing more of this product on the blog, for sure!

3. Bibs, wipes, and diapers. Bibs are fun, you can have them monogrammed, personalized, or with a fun saying or picture! Companies have gotten very creative with bib design and I LOVE IT. Wipes and diapers just go hand-in-hand. They will always be necessary. They will always be needed. They will always be great gifts.

4. Binkies, pacies, bobbers, chochi, whatever you call them! Like with the bibs, pacifier designs are SO CUTE. Sure you can get the plain ones, ooooor you can get the ones with mustaches, words, and lips! Zazzle has a cute collection of them online, I LOVE the mustache, goatee, and zipper ones from High Fashion Home, and even Target has picked up some different brands of cute and funny pacifiers!

5. Milestone Cards! When I was born, my parents had a photo album that they wrote down all in milestones in with dates and sometimes photos! These cards are so cute and you can write the dates on the bottoms of them. This pack is for twins so there are two pink cards and two blue ones depending on what you’re having! They’re so cute!

6. Baby First Aid! (Incredibundles)

Incredibundles hooked me up with a gift card to shop online, and I got these really cool little Baby Care Kits! These kits come with medicine spoons, a teething ring, snot suckers, nail clippers and files, and baby combs and brushes! I got two because if they’re anything like me, these tools will go missing, the animals will find them, or I’ll find a way to break them. Two babies, two kits. Just in case 😉

Incredibundles is actually a really amazing source for baby products and must-haves! They offer different types of bundles (book bundles, bath bundles, sleep bundles, etc.!) and they all include the essentials for that category. You even have the option to “create your own” or do a “year of” bundle – which is actually really awesome. You can give someone a year of diapers

7.  Cute outfits. Because being an auntie is more than giving practical gifts. I LOVEEE the little onesies with cute words on them. Right now, Kohl’s has a few different designs by Jumping Beans on sale for about $6 each with saying like, “WORTH THE WAIT”, “I STILL LIVE WITH MY PARENTS.” & “I CAN’T BABY TODAY”

And don’t even get me started on the little girls’ clothing. Our friend Meena (Meena Bean) turns 7 this weekend and I had like 400$ worth of clothing and toys in my online shopping cart ready to be narrowed down trying to find her a birthday present. Everything is so adorable and affordable!

8. Age appropriate toys. I am so horrible about buying toys that are age appropriate. Most stores will let you filter their products by age which is really helpful!

9. Age-up packs! babies grow faster than we realize, and it might be helpful for new parents to have pre-made packs of snacks, toys, and clothes for when their babies reach milestones and new age brackets! Snacks, obviously being prepackaged and within the “best if used by” dates!

10. DockAtot Docks

THESE THINGS ARE AMAZING. Dockatot sent me two “docks” for Colten and Chloe and I’m so Glad Clay and Candi loved them as much as I (and apparently Mav) did! They come in several different designs – I chose two of the most neutral-toned ones I could find in two different patterns. They can be unbuckled, unzipped for washing, and they’re super comfortable! The covers are removable and you can purchase different ones online if one gets ruined or you just want a change! These also come in different sizes! These docks are hypoallergenic, breathable, harmful substance free, Oeko Tex Certified, machine washable and they don’t harbor heat. They’re perfect for tummy time, lounging, changing, cuddling, playing, and bed transitioning! Candi even pointed out that she was thinking about using these as a changing station so they didn’t have to buy changing tables! Perfect! You’ll definitely be seeing this product again!

I’m still searching online for more items, because let’s face it – baby shopping is the BEST. When my cousin had his first baby last year, my mom and I spent so much time picking up little outfits, blankets, backpacks, etc! Come to think of it… His birthday is coming up soon.. BE RIGHT BACK.

PS. Some of my favorite places to shop for little ones include: Amazon.com, Ross, TJMaxx, Marshall’s, Target, Kohl’s and Belk. THEY ARE THE BEST.


*Some items (Dockatot, Incredibundles, and Binxybaby hammocks) were complimentary in exchange for this round up post. All opinions are my own.



    • Kaleigh Reply

      So do I! I’m loving all the baby shopping I have to do! 😀

  1. Those cute outfits are to die for. Soo adorable. Thanks for putting up this list, my friend is having a baby, and this will come in handy! ☺️

    • Kaleigh Reply

      AREN’T THEY? I wanted to buy them all. Thanks for reading!

    • Kaleigh Reply

      It’s always interesting to me how things like this change by country. I like the idea of a baby shower, but all the “etiquette” that you have to follow is kind of silly in my opinion.

  2. Борка Шаула Reply

    I can pretty much understand how you feel! When my best friend got a brother I instantly felt happiness. I mean, kids always bring joy. And since they’re twins, twice the excitement as you said!

    • Kaleigh Reply

      They do! I think that’s why I love my job so much! But yes – twice the excitement! So excited!

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