Peppermint Mocha @ Home (With The Ninja Coffee Bar System!)

Welcome to da future.
Just kidding.
Let me just start by thanking the Shark/Ninja company for sending me this system to try for myself! It’s been such a pleasant experience and I absolutely LOVE using it! As always – even though this was a gift, all opinions are, of course, all my own!

So, THIS is the new Ninja Coffee Bar System. I know we’re all on the convenience the Keurig brings to our lives, but this is an upgrade I never knew I needed, and once you buy one, you’ll be able to see for yourself how seriously amazing it is!

It’s not much bigger than our Keurig which was a very pleasant surprise! I was worried it wouldn’t fit in our little coffee corner – but it does!

There are 3 different models you can choose from:
1) the carafe with the pod-free single serve
2) carafe SYSTEM with the pod-free single serve
3) the single serve pod-free system

#1&#2 come with a carafe
#2&#3 come with a attachable MILK FROTHER (eeeek!)
#1&#3 have 4 size options (#2 has 6!)

So you can choose based on what would best fit your needs! I absolutely needed the milk frother.. it’s  a HUGE selling point in my opinion – who doesn’t love that?

So the model pictured is #2. It has the built in frother, 6 size options, a very nice glass carafe, and a large travel tumbler!

This stand fold up and down depending on what size mug/carafe you’re using and the bottom can be turned on to keep your carafe warm if that’s what you’re using!

Each machine comes with this measuring spoon for your coffee and it attaches conveniently to the side of the machine. On the spoon, there is a little guide for how many scoops to use depending on what size you want to make. Once you put it in the filter, you’re ready to brew! ALSO – while this filter is reusable, you CAN put your own paper filters in. it’s obviously not as environmentally conservative, but it would make cleanup easier.

Once you’re ready to go, you can turn it on and it lights up! When you turn the knob, the selected size will light up and then you press either classic, rich, or over ice! Or if you’re like me, you hit the button that says “specialty” and you go into your cabinet for your arsenal of froo-froo coffee ingredients. OR you can have “cafe forte” which is best served black or “au lait” (with a little frothed milk).  One thing I noticed about this machine, which the instructions will say is totally normal, is the fact that there is a lengthy pause (lengthy for the impatient ones, anyways.) before it starts to brew. It’s a little misleading at first because you think it’s not brewing, but it is – just be patient. 

This machine has changed my life in ways I can’t explain. I sound dramatic,  yes, but that’s because I am. LOL. In all realness, this thing is COOL.

It even comes with a book full of recipes and directions on how to make them! PERFECT.

While the Keurig does have its advantages with being a single serve machine, on mine, I can’t use a reusable pod with my own coffee. I have to buy k-cups every other week! And they’re not cheap! With the Ninja, you have the option to make coffee for the whole house, or just single serve – pod free! You can use any brand you desire – SCORE.

It also has the same system for water as the Keurig. It pulls enough water for the size selected. AND IT HAS A BUILT IN MILK FROTHER. I said earlier that this was a huge selling point, and let me tell you something. It’s amazing. 

I don’t know if you guys follow my twitter or not, but a while back there were a series of tweets telling the story of my coffee mishap from that morning.

(if not, here are the photos)

I am a sucker for some frothy milk in my coffee and I started heating it up and blending it in my Ninja single serve cups. It always works with no issues at all, but that morning, I heated it too long and the cups were exploding due to the heat and pressure! My kitchen was covered in half and half. I thought it was just a one-time “oopsie” so I tried again. And had to clean my kitchen again. Then I went to Starbucks. And now I just drink regular, boring, cold,  half and half in my coffee and it’s not nearly as exciting.

So. I love the milk frother.

PS – The Ninja blenders are not meant for heated liquids! Don’t use them for that!

Kyle tried to be fancy here and got literally no milk into his coffee, but just put it all over the table instead.

^ My usual: 4 oz coffee, half and half, cinnamon, and stevia. YUM.


So I’m totally obsessed with Starbucks & Mcdonalds peppermint mocha coffees so I got my supplies and did myself!

Brew yourself 4 oz of coffee (or espresso) and add however much chocolate you want. I like mine SUPA mocha-y. I also like to use the sugar free chocolate syrup but I didn’t have anymore, so regular it was.

Put a few pumps of peppermint syrup in your cream/milk of choice and FROTH IT. You can get sugar free peppermint syrup from Starbucks for about $12 and it comes with a pump! I looked for peppermint syrup at my local grocery and couldn’t find it, so I went straight to the source.

I got excited and frothed my milk before brewing my coffee, so I think it ended up being sort of a cappuccino? You could froth and brew in 2 different cups and the pour the milk into the coffee, too, but the beauty of it is that you can just do whatever you want and it’s good either way.

Have you tried the new Ninja Coffee Bar System yet?? Would you be willing to trade in your Keurig for it? ( I would totally suggest you do.)



    1. Definitely do! I thought about nespresso before we got our Keurig but decided against it. The Ninja is TOTALLY an upgrade and it is SO awesome! I love it so much!

  1. I love coffee but own no coffee machines- I just use a plain old coffee dripper haha! But this post makes me want to invest in a coffee machine… or at the very least, a milk frother! 🙂

  2. As a big fan of coffee, I think it’s worth trying this out. I hope I see it on sale for a more affordable buy. I love Peppermint Mochas and we used to have an espresso machine and a frother and I remember making them quite often. I gained some lbs from it! I found peppermint syrup at my local grocery store for much cheaper than Starbucks and it was pretty good. Strong brew is key, I think.

    Hope all is well 😀

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

    1. It definitely is! And I would totally gain from this too if I wasn’t using SF products! Such a struggle! And I wish I could have found it at my grocery store!! Thankfully I had a gift card so I didn’t REALLY pay for it LOL.

  3. As I can see it’s a big of work to get to know the machine completely without spilling haha 🙂 but I see beautiful results. It must be so tasty!

  4. HOLY CRAP this looks amazing, I want a fancy coffee maker like this! And I love how compact it is too. This is giving me total kitchen goals right now!!

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