Nothing is ever really free, so keep that in mind.  But you can have really awesome dates for only a little cash!



Picnics are great because they’re awesome for conversation. It’s just you and your person enjoying the outdoors and food, maybe some drinking – there’s literally nothing bad about this idea. Unless you hate being outside, I guess. But it’s a way to take advantage of nice weather, and you get to eat.

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Or regular parks! State parks offer some of the best views, photo ops, and “together time” you could imagine. I can’t think of one bad experience I’ve had walking a state park with my handsome adventurer.


The ocean is free and we should always take advantage of it’s beauty and FUN whenever we have the opportunity! If you live near the beach, it’s obviously for a reason and you’re probably there all the time already – but if you don’t, don’t forget it’s there! Make the drive to the coast and spend some time in the sunshine with your person.

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Having a show with Kyle has provided us with the perfect low-key date. We put our phones away and tune in together! We have something to look forward to each night our show comes on, and sometimes we’ll make dinner or popcorn in preparation!

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This is a great (and free!) way to learn more about your partner! In a relationship, you eventually learn plenty about your person, but what about those deep or goofy questions? Or things that just haven’t come up yet? 20 questions is so much fun and it’s a great conversation starter!

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Walking or exercising with your person brings out your competitive sides and you’re both working toward your goals and bettering yourselves together.  It can be fun, exhilarating, and gets you outdoors/out of the house!

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Night drives are where inhibitions fall and people open up. I don’t know if it’s the darkness and feeling hidden, or maybe it’s just the feel of driving at night with warm coffee, a good radio station,  and nothing to do but talk.

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planFantasize, dream, think about your futures! Kyle and I plan hypothetical trips all the time! And eventually, we actually take them which is awesome. We plan our future wedding, what we’ll name our babies, and what our future home will look like. We could sit there and do this for hours too, and it’s really a lot of fun!



Cooking together can be sexy, fun, filling with laughter, music, and dancing in the kitchen. AND THEN YOU GET TO  EAT.

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Every now and again Kyle and I will catch a movie in theaters, rent one off of his Xbox, or find one at the Redbox and we make a night of it! Movies, candles, popcorn, a nice dinner, and drinks!

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You don’t need money to have a nice time with your person – there is always stuff to do that can be relatively inexpensive!



  1. This post just goes to show that you can turn any experience, no matter how mundane, into an opportunity to have fun and get to know the person you love a little better – it’s all just a matter of reframing things! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Picnics, the beach and a good movie night are my ideas of a perfect date! Awesome ideas! Even when you’re married these are great ideas for “dates” to keep that spark.

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