I love the fall weather and I love the Outer Banks and I love the dunes and I love Starr and I love Saturdays spent exploring and taking photos! It was the BEST DAY.


Starr is a badass lady advocate for self love and confidence and loving your body and she’s SUCH  an inspiration and is a real kind of… “in yo’ face” kinda person.  I think that quality comes from having that confidence and not giving a shit and know who she is and being a mom and all of that. Like she’ll tell you if she doesn’t like what you’re wearing. She’ll tell you if you’re being an asshole. She’s so honest and real and I think that’s what makes an amazing friend.

We both went to the beach to take product photos for some blogger/brand collaborations we are doing. You can see my post here, and go to her blog here! I had to be near the water due to the fact that I was wearing a top with seashells on the boobs… I mean, obviously. CUTEST TOP EVER? yes.

Cold air, warm toes. 

Beach naps.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!


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