There are several factors that contribute to the happiness in a relationship – and depending on the participants of said relationship, these factors may vary. Here are 18 basic things that occur in a happy relationship between two people!

1.  They laugh.
When in a relationship, or in life in general, we have to have a not-so-serious side! Life is a lot easier when we choose to laugh at things as opposed to stressing over them or getting angry.

2. They have common interests. 
Find something you both love to do! Cook together, go on adventures together, or watch movies together! That’s prime “together time” which is so crucial when both lives get so busy!

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3. They can share.
SHARING IS CARING. Knowledge. Feelings. Stories. Food. Sharing is such a primal way to show you love someone and if you and your person willingly share with one another, then you’ve got some real care going on!

4. They are considerate of one another.
Before you do or say something, thinking about the other person’s feelings is a true mark of maturity.

5. They can do their own things without jealousy or possessiveness.
Let your guy go out without you, let him have “his time”, let him play his games, or do whatever he wants, without having to deal with you. And vice versa! Girls like to shower alone, do their nails, hang out with their friends- we need our time without guys, too! Being able to be apart and not constantly checking on one another, or feeling jealous or possessive is so important!

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6. They are encouraging.
Every time I want to do something new, Kyle is the first one to tell me I can. And I am the same way for him! And it’s more than just saying it, but to be there, as a support system for your person. To make them goodie bags when they’ve had a bad week. To help pay bills when they want to  make a “fun purchase”. To help them study and just be their cheerleader!

7. They appreciate time together and space apart.
This goes back to #5 a little bit – appreciate your time together and appreciate your time apart. Both are vital to the health of your relationship, and having a mix of both allows you to be yourself without your person. Sometimes I think we forget who we are without our significant other, but it’s important to remember we are individuals who are in each other’s lives.

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8. They are thoughtful.
There is nothing better than coming home to flowers, new bath bombs, or dinner plans that don’t consist of me cooking! LOL. If your person is having a bad day, vacuum the house! Go get something they love! Do something for them that you know they’ll appreciate.

9. They can grow together.
We are constantly changing every day. Our interests change, our plans change, and our personalities change. If you can grow with your person, then that’s awesome. Sometimes, though, we grow, and we grow apart. If you found someone you can grow with, then you’re doing something right! You can have different aspirations when it comes to career goals, and even be polar opposites when it comes to your personalities,  but if have similar wants for the future and both have values set in the same place – then you’re going to avoid all of those hard discussions and disagreements.

10. They date each other.
Dating your significant other despite how long you’ve been together is both important and refreshing! It gets hard, especially when you live together, to  break your norm and spend true quality time together, but this is the perfect way to achieve that! Couples that date each other often times have more fun in their relationship (generally speaking) and what’s not fun about creating memories with the person you love?

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11. They are understanding of one another.
I’m sick like all of the time so it’s really helpful when Kyle is understanding when we have to cancel our plans or when he has to go do things alone. There are so many opportunities to choose to be understanding over angry and disappointed. Even if you are disappointed – showing your person that you are understanding and that it’s okay, makes for a much nicer outcome! Not to suggest that we should hide how we really feel – but get into the habit of being a more understanding person!

12. They are vulnerable and sincere.
Being real with your person makes for a much closer and much happier relationship. Allow yourself to feel vulnerable with your person and know that they’re there for you. I think finally letting that wall come down between us is what opened me to be my true self around Kyle and I can’t really even explain what it’s like to live with and love someone that really just love me for who and what and everything that I am.

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13. They can hold a conversation.
TALK TO YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER! If you’re not able to hold a conversation with your person, there’s something seriously lacking that needs to be figured out! Talk about any and everything whether it’s serious conversation or just bullshit messing around – talk. Talk about politics, decorating the home, travel, your future, getting married, what to watch on TV, how you might cook things differently, and so much more!

14. They plan each other in their own futures.
When we look into our futures, we should see our person standing right beside us. What’s the point of having them in our lives if they won’t be in our futures? If you don’t see your person in your future, as yourself that question and reevaluate your intentions!

15. Happiness is a priority.
“If it makes you happy – I’m happy.”  This is something Kyle and I say to each other constantly. We make sacrifices for the sake of the other person’s happiness and we make compromises to get to agreements. This goes for career goals, life changes, medical choices, and so much more! 

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16. They don’t keep score.
Keeping score of your significant other’s downfalls is the easiest way to  exhaust your relationship. We all make mistakes – there is no good in bringing up old garbage, or seeking revenge to “even the score”. This kind of behavior is evident in people who may be too immature for the kind of more serious relationship they may be in.

17. They are selfless.
Having a balance between selfish and selfless is a sure-fire way to keep your relationship happy. Sometimes we need to be selfish – but other times, it’s important to remember that we’re not alone in life anymore. We’re not just looking out for ourselves anymore. We have another person that we agreed to do  life with when we agreed to be in the relationship in the first place. Do things for your person, put their needs above yours sometimes. Make them happy sometimes, too.

18. They are secure.
There is nothing better than feeling total security in your relationship. Trusting your partner is the first way to have said security and the longer you keep that trust going, the stronger and more secure your relationship becomes. If you never give each other any reason to doubt your morals or how you feel about one another. You will have never worried about other people meddling in your relationship, because you will have never felt any real threats or like you would ever act on anything that would be considered “dishonest” or “unfaithful”. The thought of something like that happening will never cross your minds! 


  1. I love this post! There are such great, important tips to remember over all the other rubbish out there. Awe some post!

  2. I Love these tips! After being in a relationship for over 4 years I can say that I must agree with all of these! Also, your photos are absolutely adorable.

  3. This is so cute! You look like you have a very fun relationship. I’ve been in one for over 4 years and these are all very important for a long lasting relationship.

  4. This is so cute! You look like you have such a fun relationship. I’ve been in one for over four years and these are definitely import for a long lasting relationship!

  5. This is a very true list – I definitely identity with the points. And, a great goals to build your relationship to a lasting one. The most important thing is that you’re best friends and respect each other – all else will follow 🙂
    Katja xxx

  6. I completely agree with everything on this list you really understand relationship 🙂 sometimes it’s hard to do some of these things like “dating” each other especially when you live together but just putting in the effort shows you care 🙂

  7. I love these! I’m about to marry the man I’ve been with for almost 8 years and I agree with all of these more and more everyday! And thanks for the extra encouragement today!

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