I’m pretty sure I was born with the travel bug. They say it’s something you acquire after your first big adventure, but I’ve been moving around and traveling around the states since I was born. Family vacations up north to visit our relatives, planes to New York, moving to Florida, but nothing too crazy or awe-inspiring. As I’ve grown though, the need for bigger and better adventures has grown too. These are just a handful of my favorite travel quotes that inspire me every day to keep my passions in the forefront!

I think it’s so important when we’re in our twenties, that we get a grasp on those passions and figure out how to arrange our futures around what makes our hearts happy. I love to travel, and I love children. I love being able to create my own schedule and live outside of the 9-5 “weekend warrior” societal norm. I like to have time for art and releasing my creative mind. I’m going to have to work my ass off to get the education needed for such desires, but if it’s for my happiness, then why wouldn’t I put forth that effort and monetary investments?

Find what you love and make your career and life work around that. Not the other way around!












  1. But it’s so hard! I want to write and write and write..But how do you turn your life around, when you found out just now? Sorry for the rant, I know I have to do it, you said it perfectly. So many people these days just go with the stream and live their lives half full. That’s not for me. Oh yea…quotes! Very inspirational, thank you!

  2. What an awesome post. I´m totally agreed with these and I love every single quote that you wrote on every pictures. I love travel as well, travel always give me so many different experiences and different memory that always stay in mind for long time. Thank you for sharing dear.

    Kintan xox,

  3. Rose Sahetapy Reply

    It’s hard to come out from the circle of the “9-5 “weekend warrior” societal norm” but once you can get out and do the work your heart and soul passion about it’s a freedom. Those quotes are great, but the one from Buddha is what I like most.

  4. Love these quotes! But it’s not the inspiration that is needed! Well first I need a passport, and than the money and even then I need someone to be my company since where’s the fun when you travel alone!?

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