As if there could ever be an actual guide specific enough to literally tell you how to choose a career. What I can do is write something vague enough that you can apply to your own individual self and maybe gain some clarity when it comes to your career decisions!

There is no easy way to just “choose” a career. Sometimes we fall into them, sometimes they choose us, sometimes the idea smacks us in the head on a random day, and sometimes we settle without really ever acknowledging our passions.

I can’t tell you what to choose, I don’t know you, LOL. But you do. Even if you don’t really see it, it’s there. You need to do some digging and figure out what it is that you love doing, and then how to make money doing it.

Let me tell you a story: Since I was old enough to even know what a “career” was, I had impractical and super ambitions dreams.  I wanted to be Hannah Montana.  I wanted to be a singer. A fashion designer. Just because I sort of liked to sing and was sort of good at it, and I sort of liked fashion and drawing so that seems like a good idea, right? I didn’t know who I was though, so how would I know what I would enjoy doing for the majority of my life? As I got older, the question came with more and more stress and anxiety. I was getting closer to graduation with no ideas yet, I was close to community college graduation and I still didn’t know.. oops, my bad. It wasn’t that I didn’t care or wasn’t being practical.  Trust me, I had given into reality when it came to my dreams of being half regular girl and half international pop-star – I just still had no idea what I would be happy doing. My focus shifted to my happiness. I wanted to make sure whatever I chose would be something I would enjoy for years and years to come. I spent some time working at an eye care place and one day I was getting a little boy ready for the doctor to examine his eyes and his mom told me I “seem to work so well with children” and then asked if this was the field I was trying to get into as a career. I said no and that I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do yet, and then thanked her for the kind compliment and then proceeded to tell her that I do love to work with children. From then on, I was all over the internet trying to find something that was needed, paid decently, and would have me working alongside children. Kyle’s mom is a Speech Therapist and works primarily with children ages birth-5 (early intervention and preschool age) And that’s when I started looking into what would be required of me, when to start, and how to do it. I’ve been working with her for almost a year now and have the start of my college path mapped out.

I always knew I loved children. They’re so innocent and hilarious and part of me always wanted to be a teacher. I am excited to be a mom someday, too! I never gave it much more thought than that, though. When this woman said what she said, something just clicked and it all fell together.

Don’t get wrapped  up in the timeline: high school-college-work-marriage-children. Life doesn’t work that way for everyone and that’s ok. Some of us need a little extra care to make sure we end up where we’re supposed to be! And it’s always better late than never. Do some soul searching and realize the things you love. Make a list of things you genuinely enjoy and see what kind of career options there are out there for each one. Make another list. Figure out what kind of job you’d enjoy. Are you an indoors in a cubicle kind of person? Or a hands-on, rough, kind of hard worker? Do you like computers? Math? Or are you more creative-minded? There are tons of “practical” career options for the creative types! You just have to know yourself, and do the research. Find what you love and what makes you happy, and create your life around that.

There is a job for a.ny.thing. You just have to find what’s right for you. Like a pair of pants. 😂




  1. Thanks for sharing! I used to be wrapped up in the timeline until i realized that things dont always happen in the order we want.

  2. I am struggling with that right now. I have tried out many different fields and none of them have worked for me so far. I like your advice. I have to find out what I like to do or not do. I’ve been trying out blogging to see if this would be something I would enjoy doing. Great post.

  3. Now I know what I want to do with my life, but…I fear it’s too late, although it’s never too late. But sometimes, it takes too much effort to change your life from the bottom!

  4. I think the goal in life should be to do what you love and love what you do, but then there’s a whole story about living a comfort zone. So that’s kind of messy. I want to be proud of myself, so the best thing to do is probably to combine these two things.

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