I live in the middle of nowhere and the gyms we do have are .. expensive, to say the least. Not like I would actually have the motivation to go to one anyway, so staying home and working out in the comfort of my own space, wearing whatever the hell I want, and looking as goofy as I need to, is good. for. me.

I am really into yoga lately because it works the muscles without being too hard on my body. After no real physical activity for so long due to illness and anxiety, I wanted to start slow and this has been so unbelievably perfect.

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I looked around Youtube for some beginner videos and along with some suggestions from friends, I  put together a little list of my favorite Youtube yogis!

  1. Boho Beautiful
  2. Yoga With Adrienne
  3. Yoga Practice Videos
  4. Women’s Workout Channel
  5. PsycheTruth
  6. Fightmaster Yoga
  7. Yoga Shala
  8. Yoga TX
  9. Style Craze Yoga
  10. Gaiam

I think Boho Beautiful is actually my favorite because she travels a lot and is super chill which is cool. But Yoga With Adrienne is much easier to follow and she’s .. super instructional. Like I don’t need to watch it to follow along which is good because that get’s really hard when trying to focus on holding position. LOL.

I’m obsessed with all these channels though, and it’s fun to pick and choose who I feel like following along with while I learn.



  1. Kino Macgregor is another yogi I enjoy! Some of her stuff is a lot more advanced, but she has plenty of videos marked as beginner as well.

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