How to Balance Blogging with the Rest of Your Life

I wrote this for my friend Shell over at and decided to share it here, too! Give her page a look – (It’s super cute!)

Real life: School, work, social gatherings, weekend adventures, and more! Some of us like to cook every night, some of us go to the gym every day, some of us have after-work or after-school activities we participate in. There are tons of things going on in our lives all the time. So how do you balance everything in your life and  keep up with your blog??


It truly just boils down to your priorities. It’s the same thing as what James Frick said, “Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I’ll tell you what they are.” Don’t tell me what you value, show me by putting your time toward things that you care about.

Of course, school and work always come first. But where you spend your free time says a lot about where your priorities lie. If you’re spending it watching Netflix every night, then blogging may not being your thing. (I’m so not knocking the Netflix thing, though. We all need some time to sit and not do anything!) But having it in the top 5 or 10 or whatever it is, will ensure it gets some of your attention!

Personally, I get a lot of blogging done because I’m sick a lot. I spend way too much time on my couch with nothing to do. When I can get my Crohn’s in remission, though, I would love to get a gym membership or put some time into working out and eating better, cooking more of my meals, etc. Chronic illness takes a lot out of you, it’s not just feeling sick. It’s mental. So naturally, blogging is high on my priority list after work and school. (It also helps that there’s nothing to do where I live.) When I do start feeling better, though, I will (hopefully) be doing more! And when that happens, I’ll have to make sure I keep blogging a priority so it still gets posted to!

What are you blogging goals?

It also depends on what you want to get from your blog. If it’s just a hobby, then blogging every day and about everything you do and trying to have new content on a weekly or daily basis is probably not what matters the most to you.

But if you want to eventually monetize your blog, get paid to blog, or become a full-time blogger, then blogging daily and having a constant flow of content is so important.  New content, constant networking, social media posts, and growing your following – it’s all important! And it takes a lot of time.

And if that’s your goal, then you need to make time for blogging in your schedule. Just like you do for work, homework, eating, etc.

Schedule time for blogging.

We have work schedules, class schedules, schedules for everything. Why not create a schedule for blogging too? It could be as simple as 3x a week, you allow an hour to create content for your blog. This will help keep things on track with all the other busy life happenings we have going on! Every day after work, I spend time either writing, taking photos, or brainstorming for my blog. More or less time is spent doing it depending on what I’m doing that day, but I love writing and photography, so coming up with ideas and being super productive here isn’t difficult for me. I may spend less time on it in the future as my life changes, and that’s fine. As long as it still gets some attention on a daily basis!

Balancing your blog with other priorities in your life doesn’t have to be difficult! If you care about it, set realistic goals, and make time for it, you’ll be totally fine and you’ll have no problem keeping up with your posts!





  1. It’s so true that whatever priorities you have will end up being where you spend your time. I’ve been working on creating my blog editorial/promotion calendar this week to make my life easier! Seems like my life has been all about creating schedules lately as I’ve created a house cleaning calendar and also track what my 2 girls and I do each day on our Google Calendar! Thanks for the refreshing read!

  2. Its so true what you just said. I love blogs, and I spend a lot of my free time with my blog, but at the same time I need my personal life, and after 48hrs a week at work, is difficult to have a free time to go to the gym, eat clean, have time for me and my boyfriend and at the end, come to my blog. I would love to use my blog like my fulltime job, but at the moment is impossible. So, everything needs to be done when we have time, we always gonna have time for the stuff that we love to do (blogging).

    I love this post! Thanks.

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