My favorites and preferences are constantly changing, and I thought this would be a fun post to look back on later! It’s also fun to analyze what I’m currently doing in my life – today, to be specific.

So, here’s me today, October 9th, 2016. Wearing Kyle’s shirt because I buy him nice shirts and sweaters that he never sees because I steal them.

1. Watching: We’ve been catching up on American Horror Story season 5 because we never watched it. Also, season 7 of Parks & Rec, all of Tosh.0, and I’m excited to start watching Freakish on Hulu because I’m obsessed with Meghan and Liza. We got rid of our cable and now we have Hulu & Netflix and I don’t know why anyone would have cable because these are perfect.

2. Eating: Try to eat better, LOL. Right now I’m obsessing over Chick-Fil-A wraps and their Southwest salad. Also, the Caesar salad at Zaxby’s. And my air popper. Spinach salads, yogurt, bananas and peanut butter, and Fiber One bars.

3. Listening to: I fell in love again with the “punk goes.._____” collection so that’s been all over my Spotify. Also, whatever comes on Pandora – I have like a zillion stations I listen to. And still listening to Glenn Beck podcasts.

4. Wearing: Kyle’s shirts hahaha. Just kidding sort of ok. I don’t know, my head’s not on straight with this seasonal change and what I plan on wearing. I need to go shopping. But I have a feeling it won’t change and I’ll dress the exact same way I did last fall. Because I’m boring.

5. Drinking: Ice water in my Yeti is my jam. It keeps ice all day long and I just love it.  I carry it with me everywhere I go. Also, I used to be a huge Diet Coke girl but now I think I like Diet Pepsi and I just don’t even know who I am anymore…

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6. Doing: Getting back into the swing of work again since school’s started (YAY!), blogging, writing, and planning! Trying to save every penny I come in contact with so I can do cool shit next year, too. AND I STARTED YOGA. Well technically I started a while ago, but I’ve recently got into doing it much more frequently and I LOVE. IT. I don’t know why I didn’t start this sooner.

7. Planning: Our little mother-daughter getaway this weekend, Kyle and I are going back to NYC in a few weeks, and then I’m taking my first holiday trip! That I can remember, that is. I’m so stoked!

8. Worrying about: NOTHING! IT’S AMAZING. I feel like everything is .. clear. I know what I want to do, I know what my plan is. My health is.. not declining. HAHA. And I just… don’t. care. I don’t know.  I feel like when we’re young, there are so many things that cause us stress and bring drama into our lives, and I am just… over it. I feel so happy with who I am, that I really don’t care what other people think about it, and it’s such a freeing feeling to experience. I feel secure and confident and it’s seriously amazing! Like, cloud nine, best feeling ever.

9. Obsessed with: My current face primer, beer, not doing my hair.. like ever.

10: Shopping for: I need a new pair of booties because mine are jacked up. I also want a pair of over the knee boots, I’m still looking for boyfriend jeans, black skinny jeans, and all the granny sweaters. They are my favorite.


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