This weekend was so funny to me. It was so much fun, though! We drove two hours to Virginia because we were going to go to Busch Gardens with some friends, but it was supposed to rain. So we met them and we were planning to go to the trampoline park. And when we got there we signed the waivers  and we were standing in line for tickets when we decided there were too many people and it was annoying.

So we left.

We grabbed Chiptole for lunch #chipotleismylifffffeeee & I got a chicken salad with guac because I don’t care if it’s extra. 😂

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We headed to Virginia Beach so we could go to Dave & Busters for drinks and video games! Beer and arcade games are like… Kyle’s heaven. He has so much fun at these places!

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I’ll spare you the video of this train wreck disaster HAHAHA ^

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When we were done, we headed to Williamsburg because we got a hotel there (because we were supposed to be in Williamsburg all day. LOL.) We ordered a pizza in and watched Deadpool before grabbing showers and heading to bed.

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The next day we drove to Richmond and went to Maymont ParkIt was so beautiful! You can check that post for more photos, but here’s a little collage!


We ran into a few tolls around Richmond too, and had NO CHANGE. We had to practically turn the inside of my car upside down to find change. One toll we got to, we paid the 70 cents and it only counted 25 cents. We drove off with me yelling, “IT ONLY TOOK 25!! IT ONLY TOOK 25!!” So the next one we went though was 30 cents and I gave Kyle the change, and he threw it in – only rang up 23 cents or something. So I’m handing him pennies and he’s throwing change at this machine now. It was so damn funny. He was like, “just give me ALL THE PENNIES. ALL THE PENNIES. HERE WE GO. ALRIGHT.”

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Driving downtown Richmond was like.. actually worse than driving in Brooklyn. cars were parked on both sides of the road and on the corners so you couldn’t even see if traffic was coming or not. There are stop signs on every corner for every street which makes it easier to manage,  but if someone runs a stop sign with you crossing the intersection, you’re screwed. We almost got hit doing this because the guy ran his stop sign!!

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Then on the way to Petersburg, we watched a guy run his RED light and get hit by oncoming traffic. Only his bumper was hit so no one was hurt. But seriously people?!?

We made a necessary stop at Demolition Coffee and took some photos of my favorite spots, as usual.

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I love road trips with Kyle and waking up in new places, and exploring new cities, so it was a great time!

What did you do this weekend?!





  1. Hey! That seems like a fun weekend. I had a wedding this weekend, that was nice to dress up for.
    I love how exploring new places can add so much value to life.
    Xo Sabine

    • I hope the wedding was wonderful!! I have one I’m photographing next month and I am so excited!

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