5 Pandora Stations to Help You Get to Sleep

Kyle and I have a TV in our bedroom but we never use it because we don’t have cable. LOL. I can’t fall asleep without some kind of noise, either, so  since ditching the cable, I’ve had the worst time getting to sleep! When Kyle is home, I always go to bed before him so he comes and cuddles me for a while and then goes back to the living room. I can hear him and the TV so it’s fine, but if he’s working, there’s no noise! 


If you’re not familiar with Pandora, it’s an internet music app you can download to your phone or visit the website on your computer! It streams music using Wifi or data and it’s pretty damn awesome. You can search for stations based on what you want to hear (Example: Christmas music / 90’s pop / 50 cent radio) So you can search by genre, decade, or artist/band. The only thing is that when you search an artist, it plays that artist AND related artists in that genre. So you listen to some stuff you might know, and some stuff that’s new to you!

You can skip or “thumb down” songs you don’t like, but be careful, because you are limited!! Don’t waste them all!!

So I’ve been testing out tons of Pandora channels to see which ones are good for going to sleep. I can’t listen to music I know because it’s distracting – listening to anything with words, really, is just really distracting to me.

These are my top 5 – definitely give them a try for sleep or even while you’re meditating! They’re really awesome, and it’s something I genuinely look forward to using when I go to sleep at night!


1.  Nature Sounds With Music: Self explanatory. Haha! This channel comes with tons of relaxing tracks from albums where the main focus is relaxation! It’s very meditative and like… I don’t even know. You just have to listen to it.

2. Ocote Soul Sounds: This band definitely brings some south-west / Latin vibes to my nightly routine LOL. It’s so awesome, honestly. Some other related artists are a bit more jazzy and rocky, but the channel is so good.  There are words on some of the tracks, but I haven’t heard any that are in English yet so it’s not too distracting to me.

3. Relaxation: This channel is mostly instrumentals to songs that are slower, sometimes Christian songs, a little folky, a little bluegrassy sometimes, some chillaxed, jazzy, piano, violin, etc. Really nice.

4.  Ocean Waves For Deep Sleep: Literally exactly what the title says. Just tons of tracks playing ocean wave sounds. Sometimes with some musical tones (chimes, and other meditation-esque sounds), sometimes without. All the time, awesome.

5. White Noise: This channel offers some nature sounds, instrumental tracks, and is just really chill, slow, and relaxing!



  1. Thank you so much for this post! I created your first station and then added the rest as variety. Can’t wait to try it out.


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