Luxe Bidet Neo 185 for IBS, IBD, & Other Gastrointestinal Illnesses

 *Disclaimer: I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

Just a warning – this post is going to be written with zero filter on using this bidet, pooping, and other TMI-like topics surrounding what a bidet is used for: BUTT WASHING.

LOL. I am so entertained by this piece of technology. The idea alone is hilarious to me, and most anyone, honestly.  But when it comes down to it’s real use, it’s actually extremely helpful for someone that deals with severe GI issues! I loved the Luxe Bidet!

If you’re not familiar with Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and other chronic GI illnesses like these – let me drop some realness on ya, k? 😂 For some, these illnesses put us in the bathroom multiple times a day. I don’t mean 2-3, maybe 4 times. I mean like… 10+ times a day. Can’t leave the house for more than 30 minutes, need to be near a bathroom at all times.

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It’s uncomfortable, painful, and inconvenient. Imagine going that many times and then having to wipe clean that many times. If you’re thinking “ouch”, you’re right on the money. These aren’t normal bathroom situations either, they’re the kind of situations you find yourself in after indulging at your local Taco Bell… so imagine this post Taco Bell bathroom situation, sometimes 10+ times a day, burning, painful, etc.

Like when you have a cold and you use so  many tissues your nose is raw? Yes – on your booty.

Except people who are sick don’t need Taco Bell to get there  – it just requires food.

Now that you have an accurate image in your head and you can see what kind of illnesses warrant this kind of technology, you understand how important it is, and how helpful it can be for people that suffer from them.

The hookup for the Luxe Bidet Neo 185 was fairly simple. I had Kyle do it because, well, I was holding the camera.  LOL. But essentially,  you unscrew your toilet seat and set it aside, place the bidet over the holes as per the instructions, and then you screw it back on! There is a hookup that attached to the water line behind your toilet which makes attachment and removal easy peasy.

So when you’re sitting there, you turn the knob on the side and it shoots out RIGHT to your butt hole. Like, I was shocked at the precision, honestly. I was assuming it would be more of a general area washing experience, but it was.. precise. I still prefer toilet paper for a typical bathroom use, but when my disease is flaring, or I’m using the bathroom more than usual, I can see the Luxe Bidet actually providing relief.

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There are knobs on the handle are pretty self-explanatory. There’s “off” and then each setting after, the water comes out harder and harder. There’s also a knob for “wash”, “women” and “nozzle cleaning”. I wouldn’t suggest going further than the first setting because even that is pretty … interesting. LOL. It does the job,  let’s just put it at that. I don’t see how anyone could need it to be more vigorous than that, but hey. We’re all different.

There are several places you can purchase these – Check out the Luxe Bidet website here! You can also find this at your local Walmart! You can also find them at, eBaySears, and Amazon!! If you deal with moderate to severe GI issues, definitely give this some consideration.



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