Build an AM Routine You Can Follow! 🌞

I am so guilty of being overly-ambitious when it comes to my routines. I always say things like, “oh I’ll get up at 6 and do this and that and….” and that is just not happenin’. Like, ever. I don’t know why I keep trying to make these plans for myself. HAVE I NOT LEARNED!?

I think first and foremost, be real with yourself when putting together your routine. If you’re anything like me, you’re just setting yourself up for failure over and over and over and over and oooooover… Set your alarm for a realistic time and work up to something earlier if you need to!

Create a realistic morning routine that you’ll enjoy and you’ll have more of a chance of actually following through.

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1. In the mornings, I allow myself a certain amount of time to eat breakfast and blog because that’s what I enjoy doing! And sure enough, every morning, I get whatever breakfast I can find and I sit my happy ass on the couch before doing anything. I am so incredibly lazy in the mornings that moving from the bed to the couch is just what I need if I am going to eventually do anything productive. Then after all that’s done, I feel ready to shower and get dressed and do my hair (which are things that I DREAD.)

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2. Making sure there is good breakfast at home is also key for me because I love food and if I’m excited about what I can eat when I get myself out of bed, then things happen a little faster. LOL. Some of my favorite things include: anything that’s easy. I love yogurt and granola, tea, fruit, cereal, etc. I hate cooking breakfast before work so it’s better than I save the bacon and eggs for the weekends!

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3. Have your clothes picked out the night before, have an idea of what you’ll eat and drink for breakfast, and go to sleep with a motivated mind set! Being semi-prepared in your head is huge and will make things so much easier the next day! I’m terrible about actually setting out my clothes for the next day, but I usually go to bed with an idea of what I want to wear, and that way, I can just find it, put it on, and go! And knowing what’s in your fridge is good, too! Just being mindful in general will keep you focused on being productive instead of wandering around your house like a zombie.

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4. Being organized and making sure your clothes are where they should be, and all your makeup in one spot will help immensely in having a smooth morning. So, I don’t actually follow this myself because I’m an organized disaster, but from those rare days where things are put away and cleaned up, I know for a fact that life it much easier. When things are put away in their places, they’re easier to  find, and things are just 100x less stressful.


5. Have a positive attitude!! This morning I was in and out of sleep because Spicoli didn’t want to sleep. He was knocking stuff off the night stand, getting stuck in the curtains, shuffling my picture frames around on the dresser – UGH. Then when I got out of the shower, I saw that he peed on the floor right outside his litter box. Ok, drama queen. But I got dressed and Kyle took my happy ass to Starbucks and I went to work and ate cake and it was a great day, dammit. I think it’s important to  just take these things with a grain of salt and just deal. I’ve been learning a lot recently about not letting my anger/anxieties ruin things for me – it’s just not worth it!! Who cares if everything goes wrong? We get to start over in 24 hours and that’s pretty awesome. Making sure your mornings are positive and filled with love will set the tone for your whole day, so make sure you keep a good attitude!

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  1. That is so crazy that I read this just now because this is exactly what happened with my morning! Last night I had plans to wake up super early to catch the sun rising so I could do a blog shoot. Went to bed early BUT just couldn’t seem to wake up.

    I’ve decided (once again, haha) to try to plan my outfits on a Sunday night, so that at least shaves off 10 minutes in my morning.


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