On Hillsborough St. in Raleigh (near NCSU campus) there is this little crepe spot and it’s worth going to Hillsborough street for!! It was so delicious!! I’ve always been a crepe lover but it’s never something I thought to look for.. crepes have always just been a pleasant surprise, LOL.

So this weekend I told Kyle I wanted to hit the crepe place, and I was not disappointed!! It’s very modern, cool, and clean- the staff is so friendly, and everything is made right in front of you! It was really neat to watch them make the crepes because it looks like they’ve pretty much mastered the craft after working there, and they do it so effortlessly!

Kyle ordered an espresso milkshake and he took one sip and said, “well if this doesn’t wake my ass up, I don’t know what will!” It was so good! And then I ordered the Nutella Fruit crepe.

I’m not too much into the actual-food crepes because, well, I haven’t had one before. That’ll be my next choice next time we go there, though! But I’ve always had dessert crepes.. I literally know nothing else. HAHA! But typically you get Nutella and strawberry, or Nutella and banana, but this one was Nutella, banana, strawberry, pineapple, powdered sugar, AND granola! It was like a whole breakfast 😂

It was so well cooked, too. Not cooked too long that it was hard, but not still eggy, and it was just wonderful!! If you live in, near, or around the Raleigh area, then you’re probably familiar with the Hillsborough car traffic, foot traffic, and construction – Crepe Traditions is worth the hassle. 🍴

You can visit their website ➳ here!

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