I was approached to do some collaborative work with the brand Zaful* and am so glad I agreed! I love to shop and I love to try out new trends and see how they work with my body type, so when I was told I could get a few things from their site in exchange for a review, I was totally excited. They have tons of trendy items on their website, and a lot of their products fit perfectly with my style and the types of things I would buy on my own!

Before agreeing to this arrangement, I did look for other reviews and I reviewed their Facebook page for complaints to make sure I wasn’t promoting something that would put my readers in a bad spot, and the only thing I could really find on them was that sometimes their products don’t look the same as how they’re advertised, and that sometimes the shipping time is way longer than what some customers expected. But I also see that they respond to comments and complaints on Facebook so it seems like their customer service is trying to be helpful when things go wrong and are good about returns.

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I’ll be posting about the other two dresses I got in a separate post, but I wanted to focus on this one first, because I love it! You can find it ➳ here for just $22.49! I got my dress in a Large and it fits so well, and is so comfortable. I was really excited to see this on their website, because I’ve had my eye on this Urban Outfitters dress ➳ here (putting you down a whopping $80!)

The Zaful version of the dress is a great look-a-like, so if you’re obsessed with this UO dress like I was but can’t justify spending $80 on a dress, definitely check this one out!

Differences include: color- UO comes in the black and Zaful comes in blue, maroon, and red- And the length of the Zaful one is a bit longer – the UO version is actually a “midi” dress. Other than that, it’s pretty spot on.

After reading some complaints regarding this website sending items than don’t match what they advertise, I was a bit concerned this wouldn’t be what I thought it was, but it is! It’s exactly what I was expecting and it’s so lovely!

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SO – when I got my package, it came in a grey bag and each dress was packaged individually in smaller, transparent bags. They were very wrinkled, and I had to throw them in the dryer with a damp hand towel so they would de-wrinkle before I could wear them. That might be something most people would complain about because I guess as a business owner, you should want your product delivered in pretty packaging and looking right, but I’m not too high maintenance and I didn’t really care that they were wrinkled. Like it really wasn’t a big deal to just put them in the dryer. We should all be washing our new clothes before we wear them anyway!

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There is a slit up each thigh in this dress which makes it so flowy and so easy to move in. The cinched fabric along the bust cuts off right at my waist, so that’s a defining point in this dress which is super flattering! I love the color, the material, and how … easy it is to just throw it on and go!! It’s so cute, and I’m totally obsessed with it.

Shopping on their website was also really easy! Just like any other online shopping site!! And when you click on the product to see more details, there is a coupon option that will show you how you can get more off that item!! They also run limited time-type deals, so checking back to their site is always a good idea!

You can find coupons ➳ here and visit their other social medias!!
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***Disclaimer: I have been given this product in exchange for a review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. 



    • Thank you! It is, isn’t is?? I feel the same way – so I do really love this one!

    • Haha, yes I agree!! I am pretty selective when it comes to that stuff! Need to make sure it fits my personality and what I love!

  1. Don’t you just love finding a great dupe? Looks great on you and that’s a dreamy location 🙂

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