Just going to start this with my all-time favorite app EVA. I love using Studio because I can use my own photos and create different designs fun little things for my blog. I’ve used it for scrap-booking (editing with it and then ordering those images as prints) And it’s not “tacky”. Like I don’t think they’re “over-kill” when it comes to overlaying images and text onto your photos. It’s really nice and there are tons of free design packages you can download in the app, and others that are for purchase.

Different package options include: WILD, Travel, Hand drawn, active, Mantras, Love, Foodie, and so much more!!! It’s a free app and is pretty easy to use. You just upload your own photos and then choose the overlay! You can change the colors of the images and text to whatever you want, and can change the size, the direction, the angles, and pretty much anything you want. o get the images to save to your camera roll, you have to “finish” the image and allow it to post to your Studio timeline. It’s sort of a social media too, in the sense that you can follow others and be followed, and then share designs and images. Another cool feature is “remix”. If you like someone else’s design, you can remix it and use their design on top of your own photo. Sometimes if I don’t want to share the design on the app, I will screenshot and crop the photo – not sure what this does to the quality of the image, but I haven’t had any issues with it so far! I love the endless design possibilities with this app, and it’s so much fun to me!

scanner pro


This is a “practical” app and I use it a lot for work. It pretty much turns your phone into a hand-held scanner. I think I pad a dollar or 2 for this app, but it’s been so worth it to have! At work, we don’t have a scanner.

I  guess we could use the one in the office, but sometimes we’re just too lazy to walk all the way over there to use it LOL. So this has really come in handy when we need to e-mail hard documents to other schools, central office, or other people in general! I’ve also uses this app for school, doctors, and more!


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This is my favorite collage app! I like that it’s very simple, basic, (free), and there are no gaps between my photos unless I want them. All you do is choose which photos you want to  use, (up to 9, I believe) and then you choose how you want it laid out!

FullSizeRender (3)

You can mirror the images, flip them in any direction, replace images with others, etc. It’s so easy, seriously! And then when you’re done, you just hit save!

I use this app a lot for my blog post advertisements and featured images because it’s such a good way to include several  photos to encompass an entire post!



Um, okay, this is the best “I’m bored and have nothing to do” app. It’s basically a lip-sync recorder but it’s hilarious. You choose a category, pick an audio (you can tap to listen and then if you like it, you create a dub!)

Then you just record yourself lip-syncing the audio and it’s so much fun. It’s so stupid, but it’s funny as shit and I can’t stop doing it. When this app was popular and everyone was doing it, I went through a phase and was totally obsessed with using it. My sister and I were in her bed, in tears, making these stupid videos. Even now, I can’t stop laughing at myself. It’s so ridiculous.




Oh, Groupon. I feel like Groupon is such an underrated tool. Everyone knows about it, but we always forget about its potential. There are endless possibilities for good food, fun, and education with Groupon! I use it primarily for food and things to do, but the discounts are amazing!

You can use the “near me” feature to find things close to you, or if you plan to travel, just type in the area code you’re looking in and things will come up! You can also search for something in particular and see if they’re offering anything geared to your specific interests.


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Chatbooks is one of my favorite subscriptions! You can make your own custom book (hard or soft cover) or you can subscribe and connect your Instagram account and get a new book for every 60 images you post! For 6 bucks, every 60 images, it’s so worth it!

And if you want to exclude an image, edit the caption, exclude the captions altogether, you can! Sometimes for the longer captions, they get their own page – which I don’t like.  So I always delete those pages. These books are so perfect for gifts and just personal  photo books!! Along with the subscription, I make books for the trips we go on, special occasions, as birthday gifts, and I totally plan on doing on for when we have kids! They’re so skinny and they fit anywhere! I have mine displayed stacked under a candle on our living room shelf, and I love it! The only thing is that the shipping takes forever, so if you’re buying as a gift make sure to do it a few weeks in advance!


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Looking for some extra cash? Sell your clothes! As a woman, I’m so guilty of buying clothes, never wearing them, or buying them and shrinking them. So I always try to resell! You can sell for whatever price you see fit, you choose the condition, brand, size, and all those other details, too! You have to take photos of the clothing: front, back, tag, detail, and any tears, etc. That way the shopper knows exactly what they’re getting! The better the photo, the better chance you have of selling. A lot of people also like to take their photos wearing the items, but if I don’t fit into them anymore, I’m definitely not putting it on for a photo. LOL.

You can shop other people’s items as well! You can browse by category or brand and the filter by color and size! You are more than welcome to negotiate with the seller on this app, and sometimes offer to swap – that way if they’re interested in anything you are selling, you can swap items and only pay each other’s shipping!


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This is my favorite app to buy prints on! You can upload photos from any social media or your camera roll. You can choose what kind of paper you want your image printed on, the metallic is worth the extra money people. It’s so nice for larger prints or quality images. With that said, the matte paper is still my favorite. I love how they look, and they’re just… nice. They just look like quality! I know .29 is more expensive that what you get at Walgreens, but you pay for what you get. But I’ve never been disappointed with what I get from Mpix.

Once you choose your photos, you can choose the paper type, how many copies, color or black and white, and then you click “Add”! Once you’ve customized and added them all to your cart, you just check out. I use this app for all of my printing!


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If you live or are traveling in a spot with more traffic, this app is totally for you. I used this a lot when I worked in the Hampton Roads area and was dealing with interstate traffic and congested streets. You can add your own routes (I did work to home and home to work so I could just click on it and it would tell me everything I needed!) and the app will tell you how long it’ll take to get to your destination, and then where the traffic is. Red is bad. Green is good. You and other users can report things within the app for other users to see: how fast you’re going in traffic, cop sightings, hazards, accidents, etc. That way if I’m going somewhere, I can see if there’s a cop nearby, and if I’m stuck in a standstill, I can look for reasons why by pulling down my route and looking for the hazard or accident sign! Then I know exactly what’s going on and how to get around it.

This is app was SO useful when I needed it, I literally lived by it. My boss used to make fun of me for being so concerned about the traffic, but when you already have a 40 minute drive home, you don’t want it to be any longer than it needs to be!! ESPECIALLY after working all day! I used it daily, right before work, so I could see if my preferred route was backed up. If it was, I went a different way. Problem solved!!!



Calling all my travel peeps! You need this app! Findery uses your location to find cool spots (located and reported by other users) near you! I like this app because it’s not where you’ll find touristy things to do. I hate going somewhere new and being a tourist, even though there are just some spots where you just have to be!! (NYC, Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, etc.) This app will show you places that the locals love!

Then when you go to “Explore the World” It shows you places around the USA and other countries, how far they are, and what to plan when you get there!


unnamed (3)

Zomato is the app that used to be Urban Spoon, I think? Anyways – another app to show you where to eat when you’re tired of the same old thing! This is really fun to use when you’re in a bigger city, or a new city and you need help finding good food!!

You can use the “near me” feature, or type in the city name! You choose what meal you’re looking for, or if you just want a cafe or a place to go out and get drinks! They also specify what restaurants do take out, deliver, sit in, etc – which is awesome! Then a bunch of options pop up for the area you’re looking in, and you can just browse until you find something you like!


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Another practical app! I get all my prescriptions delivered to me for free with this app! When you get an account set up, tell your doctor to switch overall your existing prescriptions to this pharmacy and then you get a bill with your package! I can order medications, check the status, transfer medications myself, price medications, look up information on certain medications, and so much more!




  1. I’ve have used at least half of these with the exception of a few you mentioned that I’ll have to check out! These are all great apps. Thank you for sharing! ❤️

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