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I’ve been really into Aromatherapy lately and what it can do for my stress and anxiety, so I jumped on the opportunity to test this Organic Aromas* product!

Aromatherapy is a holistic approach to therapy that not only focuses on the physical symptoms of an illness, but the mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of it as well. I love holistic approaches to illnesses, especially the chronic ones, because when you’re sick for prolonged periods of time, or in my case, forever, it can take a serious toll on your mental and emotional health. Having a whole treatment plan separate from what my medical doctor has for me, that puts focus on all of those other factors is extremely important to me.

I think aromatherapy can be so beneficial for people that deal with anxiety, depression, or chronic pain in that it can reduce stress and help create a more ambient environment in the home. There has been so much research on how beneficial using essential oils can be, so using them for aromatherapy is obviously a great idea! Some common essential oils for anxiety are Lavender, Basil, and Frankincense.

The essential oils used in aromatherapy can enter your system through your nose and lungs, making it a pretty legitimate source of health benefits!





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As they claim, this piece is very beautiful and I do love it!! Use the code “SHAREME” for 15% off your order! They’re totally worth the money. I love turning mine on the mornings when I’m running around and getting things ready for the day!

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The packaging was very nice and everything in the box was separated as to protect the individual components from being damaged. The base came in a little velvet pouch, the wall plug in the white box, and the glass pieces were nestled in the foam!

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These are all the individual pieces – the instructions were so easy to follow when putting it together, and it only took me a few seconds!

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The scent that came with this package was “serenity” and it smells so nice! I also loved how quickly the scent was dispersed through the space. It happened so quickly and it’s such a pleasant display. I would love to order the other scents that Organic Aromas has – they have their own line!


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There are different types of diffusers on the market, but one of the most beneficial is the “nebulizing” diffuser, and they list the benefits of using this type of diffuser on their website:

The Big Benefits Of The Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

The design of our diffuser means that you get to enjoy the most from your essential oils. It is important to take advantage of the distinct benefits that our diffuser offers. Consider some of the benefits this diffuser has over other products on the market:

  • Completely safe to use with no heat utilized in the diffusing process.
  • Provides complete and widespread dispersal of essential oils over large area.
  • Extremely quiet so it doesn’t disrupt work, play, or sleep – it only enhances it
  • Does not contain plastic, will not off-gas, completely non-toxic.
  • Essential oil is not diluted, which means you get only powerful, pure aroma.
  • High quality and reliable, will last for years.
  • Delivers the complete therapeutic value of essential oils to you.
  • Doesn’t add moisture or humidity to the air in your home.
  • Uses a minuscule amount of electricity.

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So you basically put the large glass piece into the wooden base, pushing, not twisting, and then you pour in your oils. Then you place the small glass piece on top, plug it in, and turn it on! There is a low and high setting, too – which is nice!

There is a little colored light that changes, and the oils are pulled up into the small glass and then dispersed outward. The scent comes out in what looks like steam, through the top nozzle and smells so good!

I love the way it looks – it’s very sleek, modern, and fits so well into any design or home decor theme you have in your space!

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If you’re getting into aromatherapy or are interested in trying it, definitely give this product your consideration.

➳ Here is their website, definitely give it a look!! You can purchase their products on their website and on Amazon, too!

*Disclaimer: I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. 


  1. I have seen bizarre diffusers design,, but I actually like this. Especially part of it is wood! And I like it comes with organic oils. Will look into the site. Loved your review thanks.

  2. Ooh, this looks awesome! I love anything that can help me relax and this seems to be the way to go! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I am ALL about relaxing smells around the house:) Gotta give this product a try:) Thank you!

  4. Great review! I’m definitely going to check out this product…I’ve only recently got into aromatherapy and I’m very overwhelmed with all the oils out there so thank you for sharing this

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