Yesterday after my doctor appointment my mom and I headed to Crabtree Mall to do some shopping and wait for my sister to finish her interview. When we left, we went to Tazza Kitchen!

My mom and I go to Raleigh pretty often for my doctor appointments and we always look for new little cafes and restaurants to go to! She found 4 online that were known for serving healthy, whole foods,  and we chose this one!

I LOVED that they listed most of their popular ingredients on their menu, where they’re from, and what brands they use, so you know exactly what you’re getting!


I adore their little chalkboard drink menus, plant decor, and the painted exposed brick.
Another thing I loved about this place was that they gave you this bottle of cold water so you could refill whenever you wanted! It was so nice, and such an efficient idea.


My mom ordered the summer squash pizza and it was really awesome! The crust was so crispy and I think it was a white pizza, because there was no sauce. The squash was so thinly sliced and the cheese was so good! It was such a light pizza – definitely a “summer” must! I will definitely be looking into how Kyle and I can make this ourselves! (Minus the peppers – I’m not a fan.)


I got the poppy Cesar salad and let me just tell you – the dressing was so good. And any salad they put in front of me with that much cheese on it, is my kind of salad! YUM. And they used rainbow chard as the base, which I’ve never used before in a salad, and it was really awesome.

Chips & guac are a must, always! They used pitas for chips and even though they were a bit… hard, it was still so good. And they served it with a slice of lime which was the bomb because I love my guac super limey!


We ordered a cocktail to share and we got the Hemmingway Daiquiri (Flor de cana rum, luxardo maraschino, lime, grapefruit) and it was so strong, but really good. Like you could just tell they make their drinks with some … umph behind it. LOL.
Overall, it was such a pleasant dining experience. The decor and ambiance of the restaurant itself was really nice, and our server (Kate!) was so sweet and she knew their menu items and ingredients so well!

I would totally come here again, and definitely recommend stopping here if you’re ever hanging out or doing any shopping in Cameron Village!


  1. Oh my the food looks yummy, I like the outdoor cafe’s myself, I really like the ones we have going towards San Bernadino, Ca the atmosphere is so beautiful specially when it has that Old English Cottage feel. I need to visit more where I am but no one likes to go, that is when I take my journals and just have fun myself:)

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