Duck Donuts


When my sister graduated high school, we got a house on the Outer Banks for a week to celebrate. One night my mom drove to get these highly sought after donuts and… they were nothing special. So we never really cared to have them again.

But I don’t think anyone realized what a gem this really was – especially for the creative foodies in the group!

Let me just start by saying how amazing it smells in their stores. Like straight sugar and fried sweetness and everything that’s beautiful. If the line out the door doesn’t deter you from having your donuts, (or if you were smart enough to visit on a weekday and got right in) you know that these donuts are MTO (made to order) AND customizable! Like when the Krispy Kreme “hot, fresh, NOW!” sign is on- except for whatever kind of donut you want.

All the “base” donuts are the same standard donut with the hole in the middle. You choose an “icing” (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, lemon, maple, blueberry, glazed, cinnamon sugar, powder sugar, and peanut butter OR you can leave it bare!) and then you can choose a topping (rainbow or chocolate sprinkles, peanuts, bacon, coconut, or oreos) and then you choose a drizzle! (hot fudge, blackberry, raspberry, or salted caramel)


Flavor town, people. Flavor town.

My brother and I went in thinking we’d only get a couple donuts but we left with a half-dozen because we couldn’t just make two donuts. We needed to experiment. Spread our creative wings and do things we’d never done before. Lol, ok.

They even have these handy dandy clipboards where you can look at the menu options and sort of check the combos you want before you actually order.

We left with:

  1. Strawberry icing, coconut, and raspberry drizzle (Dominick’s favorite.)
  2. Maple icing and bacon (My favorite.)
  3. Peanut butter icing, oreos, and hot fudge (Their PB tastes like the PB from a Reese’s cup! YUM.)
  4. Blueberry icing and maple drizzle (Tastes like a pancake.)
  5. Glazed, chocolate sprinkles, and hot fudge
  6. Chocolate icing, coconut, and hot fudge (Tastes like a Mounds bar.)

I know there are several locations all over NC, but did you know they also have spots in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and all over Virginia?? Duck Donuts is all over the East Coast! It’s such a fun and interactive experience that I would absolutely do again.



  1. Alayna loves the Reese’s ones. My favorite is the beach but the “old” beach with glazed icing, sugar and cinnamon and maple glaze on top. Love the cake donut too and it’s way better than Krispy Kreme –every time I have their donuts my mouth feels like it’s full of grease.

    1. The peanut butter is SO GOOD! I will have to try it that way next time, sounds yummy!! I love KK but I can only eat like half of one before I get nauseous. I guess it IS the oil!! I thought it was how sweet they were! LOL.

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