You can read my rave about Dame’s Chicken & Waffles in Durham, ,NC ➳ HERE (It was amaaaazing!) And I’ve been wanting to recreate it at home since I’ve been there, but haven’t thought to do it until recently. So This morning Kyle brought home the stuff and we got to cooking!

This is definitely the… “young kids trying to cook” way of doing it. Super easy, super fast, super yummy.

We don’t have a waffle maker so we used Eggo waffles (which did just fine!) Mine were strawberry and Kyle’s were the plain minis (which are meant to be used according to some Facebook video, I think, but I insisted on strawberry!)

At Dame’s they use this combination of sweet whipped fruit butter and some kind of flavored drizzle to sweeten up your waffles (to die for, by the way) along with whatever kind of waffle you want (blueberry, chocolate chip, etc.) and the sweet, tangy, fruity, with the salty fried chicken is just… I can’t put it into words!

So I blended some butter with heavy whipping cream and peach slices (looking back, I’d definitely cook the peaches in stevia and water first to bring out the peachy flavor we all love) But it was still yummy!

Then we fried our chicken! For 2 people, we used 2 chicken breasts cut up into bite sized pieces and we had a lot extra! We did flour, egg, flour, egg, flour, egg, OIL. Then they just cooked until they were golden brown and it was so good! All we did to season the flour was use salt and pepper, I think, but Kyle wished we had paprika and I would’ve probably liked to add cayenne pepper, ’cause I like it spicay!

Anyways – it was such a fun Sunday brunch idea and we had a blast cooking it together. Especially since it was our first time frying chicken AND Kyle’s first time having chicken and waffles!! (& He’s the southern one!!!)



  1. This is something new for me, chicken and waffles, no idea if I would like the taste but it sure does look very good!

    • I am not from the south so I had never had it until recently – but GIRL. It’s SO GOOD. It’s different, but if you like sweet and salty, you’ll be all about it!

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