I saw a post like this on Facebook and decided to take the title and make my own list! I did use a few points in here from the article, because I totally agree and use them myself! I will link the original post at the end of this one, and I definitely suggest you check it out!

Where along the line do we learn the importance of caring for ourselves? It’s not selfish to want to care for yourself, give yourself attention, and do things that are good for you. But I feel like sometimes we neglect those things and we just continue to feel the stresses of the world until we explode!!

  1. Be Kind To Yourself: Kindness, kindness, kindness! Always be kind to your own heart and stay away from any self-deprecating behaviors and thoughts. Be nice to yourself. You deserve kindness from yourself first.
  2. Do The Things You Enjoy: There’s nothing better than doing what you love, right? So do more of it! Make sure your free time is filled with activities and people that you love. It’s good for your mental health, reduces stress, and it’s fun!
  3. Eat Right + Move: Eat with intention. Eat food for fuel, not for cravings! This is the easiest way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your food and that it’s actually doing something beneficial for your body. When you feel good on the inside, you feel good on the outside. Release the endorphins and get active! It doesn’t have to be at the gym, though.  Anything to get your heart rate up. The original article says to go out dancing! I personally enjoy kayaking and going on hikes!
  4. Unplug + Get To Nature: Nature has been one of the biggest helps in my finding clarity. It allows me to detach from everything else online with social media, detach from people in general, and get to myself. The original article also makes a point that social media does create opportunity for comparison and that weighs on us! If we can cut that out for a period of time each day and get back to reassurance and our priorities, values, and original intentions, then we will be happier people!
  5. Acknowledge Your Accomplishments: So often do we only see the bad. We only see our failures and what we’ve done wrong. Start acknowledging the good things you do and the things you accomplish and you’ll start seeing how good you are. You’ll start seeing that you’re needed,  you have a purpose, and you’re actually going somewhere with your life! And note – no accomplishment is too small to consider. Everything you do matters!
  6. Be Appreciative: At the end of every day, write down 5 things that you’re happy about and that you appreciate. It will refocus any negative energy to a more positive place, and doing this right before bed is an awesome way to wake up the next day in a good frame of mind.
  7. See Happiness As A State, Not A Destination: So  many people think “When I lose weight, I’ll have confidence.” “When this divorce is final, I’ll be happy.” We can’t keep waiting for things to come to us for us to experience anything good. We should have these good things now. Why can’t we?! Happiness is not a destination. It’s not something we have to wait for. We can create our own happiness whenever we want, and at whatever stage in life we happen to find ourselves in.
  8. Be Flexible With Your Expectations: We are constantly undergoing this seamless evolution as human beings. Our dreams and wants are forever changing as we grow. Be okay with this. Embrace this change and be flexible with your plans and the expectations you hold for your life. So things didn’t go as planned… it doesn’t mean your life is over, that you won’t be successful, that everything is ruined, or that there’s no way to achieve your goals.
  9. Treat Yourself: You deserve a break once in a while! Get an ice cream, indulge in fast food, do something you wouldn’t normal do. Splurge on something, go on an adventure. DO something that will awaken your soul.
  10. DESTRESS/Learn How To Handle It: If you can learn how to manage your stress, life will be much easier to handle. Things get messy and hard, and you start feeling like your breaking point is coming. But if you can take preventative measures every day to de-stress and de-clutter your mind, the “breaking point” will stay at bay!


BONUS: Appreciate Your Journey: Right now Kyle and I are feeling the stresses of figuring out our life paths, career goals, and dreams, trying to manage our money, and then having time for each other. It’s stressful, sure. But embrace that. Embrace the mess. I know we’re going places, and I know this won’t be forever. I’m enjoying the nights we have cereal for dinner and the fact that we argue so much over who does the dishes because we don’t have a dishwasher. Using the washing machine as a counter top because our house is really old and the hookup is in the kitchen. Having Wendy’s dates after my doctor appointments because they’re so far away. This mess is what we’ll look back on and laugh at. Always appreciate where you are in life, even if it’s not ideal. It’s leading you to bigger and better things in the horizon and these moments are the building blocks of your future! These times matter. Don’t sweat it.


10 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care



  1. I agree with everything said here… For example nature is really important and many people forget about that! And I’ve always struggled with no7, I thought that I can only be happy after something…

  2. “Be kind to yourself” is the best advice I’d ever received. I think we’re all SO guilty of being our own worst critics we forget that we’re all but human! xo

  3. These are great tips. I love going for long walks in nature. My previous apartment was located right next to a big forest and my favourite thing to do was going for a walk before work and before bed. Helped me empty my mind and start and end the day in a relaxed way.

  4. Bible, I enjoyed so much this post, i couldn’t agree more, enjoying the journey is a must for everyone! i mean we one have 1 journey and thats life!! eating healthy and moving is a must for me but come on We all need a cheat meal once in a while!!

    Loves from Sun & http://likesocharming.com

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