My favorites and preferences are constantly changing, and I thought this would be a fun post to look back on later! It’s also fun to analyze what I’m currently doing in my life – today, to be specific.

So, here’s me today, July 27th, 2016. No makeup, no bra, greasy hair, and mismatched clothes. If I’m being honest, this is my usual. LOL. I’m so sorry.

1. Watching: I haven’t been watching a lot of TV lately, although Kyle and I have been catching an episode or two of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding on TLC. *cringe*

2. Eating: LOL. everything. No, I’m kidding. I’m on a little bit of a peach kick and I’m trying to eat better, but we did get Dunkin Donuts for breakfast the other day. I really love salads for lunch – I posted about my salad staples here. It’s just so easy and fast. Also when I’m too lazy to cook when Kyle isn’t here, I will literally eat sunflower seeds and diet ginger ale for dinner and call it a night. I just bought more popcorn kernels for my air popper so I’ve been eating a lot of that too.

3. Listening to: BITCH YOU GUESSED IT. I don’t know. I’ve been listening to a lot of Glenn Beck podcasts and Panic! At The Disco – That’s about it.

4. Wearing: Sundresses, sundresses, and more sundresses.. But really. I am also loving my Abercrombie shortie shorts and all my kimonos.

5. Drinking: OH MY GOSHHHH. I am overly-obsessed right now with Synergy Kombucha and those Mama Chia drinks. Lawd. I actually made my own and it was awesome – I should’ve photographed that for you guys…

6. Doing: Since it’s the summer, I’m only working like 1-2 days/week (lol @ me, right) and I could be working more but I’m just putting more energy in fun things and blogging which sounds backwards, well it is, but I don’t know. I’m just trying to do what I love and put my energy into what makes me happy. I can function on grocery money for the summer. It’s fine. I’ve also been sick a lot. Like on and off. In the last 3 weeks or so, I’ve been in the bathroom throwing up all night THREE TIMES. That’s not normal. I have an appointment soon so.. we’ll see. I’ve also been battling a flea situation with Spicoli which has been fun. Just kidding.

7. Planning: I really want to go to Charleston but I’m having broke bitch problems, so that may have to wait… I want to start vlogging but I’m also the most awkward human being on the planet. I also want to write an e-book, so I sort of started on that. And I … don’t want to get into much more because nothing is set in stone but I’m super excited about school and work and blogging and everything! 

8. Worrying about: My lack of care when it comes to prioritizing what’s most important. Like I know I have a lot to do, but here I am, writing this. I could be applying to the school I want to go to, but here I am. I could be paying for my subbing class, but here I am. I could be working out, but. here. I. am. 

9. Obsessed with: Painting my toes this lavender color, St. Tropez self tanner, not wearing bras, and staying up way too late.

10: Shopping for: Nothing except groceries because like I said before… broke bitch. Well I lie. I am currently loving the dresses at Rue21 (somewhere I said I’d never shop, but sometimes their stuff is CUTE.) and they’re pretty inexpensive so I’ve been getting a few of those every so often. And I don’t know if it would be considered “shopping” but there are a lot of activities I want to do that I’ll be paying for.



    • Oh my gosh! I am so sorry. 🙁 I’m actually partial to Krispy Kreme but the closest one to me is about 40 minutes, so we settle. haha! Thank you though! I appreciate it! 🙂

  1. Paige Strand Reply

    “Eating? Everything.” – yeah that pretty much sums me up lol!

    • I’m not sure, actually. Because I can’t find it. LOL. I lose everything. It’s from China Glaze’s gel polish line, and it’s this pretty lavender color. I am obsessed with it & using the LED lamp on my toes. It lasts FOREVER!

  2. I’ve been crushing hard on the newest Panic! album. Heart eyes. And I’m right there with you on the no bra, messy hair, and the grungy tshirts. That’s basically me after I get home from work – toss the pencil skirts and blouses and just chill in my sweats. With wine. And Netflix. An evening well spent 🙂

    • Yesss! I have been too. And oh my gosh, yes – glad we’re on the same page! LOL

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