Staying Motivated Through The “Process”

Before you start at a new school or a new job, there is a whole timeline of stuff that leads up to even being accepted or offered a position. This “stuff” includes but is not limited to: applications, research, training, payments, interviews, and transcript orders.

None of these are really all that crazy to do when you look at them one at a time but my brain starts to freak out when I get to thinking about all this stuff I have to get done. And then I don’t do any of it and I end up over here complaining about it. It’s fine.

It’s the end of July and the only thing that’s been accomplished is putting the school I plan on attending on my FAFSA and the only reason that’s done is because my mommy did it for me. (Thanks mom – you the real MVP.)

I’ve obviously realized that this is not okay and I need to straighten out my priorities, because as much as I love blogging, it’s not paying my bills right now and it’s not as important as college and work experience or my relationships with people… so I need to stop putting it first literally every second of the day.

WITH THAT SAID – I have devised a plan to keep my wandering ass on track and I’m sharing it with you.

It’s not so much a plan as much as it is another post stressing the importance of a schedule and remembering where you put your agenda that has all your to-do lists in it. (That’s super important to getting anything done, amirite?)

– One thing I’ve found particularly helpful in forcing myself to complete tasks is setting “due dates” for myself. Now, knowing that I can change them at any time is another story and it takes all of my willpower not to do that, but setting a timeline is beneficial.

–  Buy a planner you get excited about. I know planners can get a little pricey but Target has some super fun options for $10-$15 bucks or so, and that’s doable and totally worth it for me if that means I get excited to do stuff that involves opening it.

– Treat yourself to  some other “fun” office supplies. I am always more apt to do productive work if I have new post-its, gel pens, and cute paper clips.

– Give yourself an incentive. As if possibly getting a new job or going to college to start your trek toward all your career goals and dreams wasn’t incentive enough. Sometimes we’re stubborn and we need a push during the “process” part of it all. I’ll bribe myself with a $10-$20 treat (necklace, sandals, earrings, whateva. Something I don’t normally spend money on.) Or I’ll let myself Netflix binge all day if I get a few things done. Or I’ll let myself run rampant in the $1 aisle at Target – bribe yourself with whatever you feel guilty about doing when you’re supposed to be doing something else. Again, willpower will play a huge role in this.

– START EARLY. Oh my gosh, I  can’t stress this enough. Whatever you have to get done, do it literally as soon as you wake up. If the first few things you do  are productive, you have a much better chance at staying productive. If I wake up and sit my ass on the couch, chances are, I’m not moving. For anything. I’m ashamed of that, but we’re keepin’ it real here, so there it is. I’m the laziest human being on the planet and I know it.

Now get to it.


  1. Staying motivated is tough especially for extended periods of time but this post has great tips and tricks to help you out. Thanks for posting!

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  • Life can get confusing. 
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We’re not in control of what happens. We’re only in control of our reactions and the choices we make.