I love the ocean.

I love being here- There’s something about it that’s just healing. Mentally and physically.

It’s not crowded in Avon which is awesome – I wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else on the OBX! It’s so quiet and small and so beautiful!  One of our first days here, the boys found a giant sea turtle on the beach, and the next day we watched the dolphins play! I, like many, have seen dolphins before, but I’ve never seen them catch waves and splash around like they were! It was so cute and they were just lovin’ life! We saw a squid, tons of crabs, fish that would jump straight out of the water, and tons of those little sand fiddlers – which could literally entertain me for hours.

Bare feet, no makeup, no expectations!


I love not wearing shoes and not wearing makeup, so it’s been really nice and so relaxing. Like, this is my place. Living in bikinis, sun dresses, and beach hair. There’s literally nothing bad about this life. Why isn’t this my every day life?? Lucky for me, I wound up with a beach bum so God willing, this will be our future!

Waking up to the sound and smell of the ocean, the sunshine, the blue skies, I can’t.

I burned on our first day here (rookie mistake) so by day 3 my face was peeling.


I wanted to do some exploring around Avon but you can’t really leave when the ocean is calling your name 😉

It was awesome being able to sit on the sand literally all day long and not have anywhere to go or anywhere to be! We would go up for lunch or dinner, and then go right back out!

It only makes me even more excited to live by the beach! UGH. I can hardly wait.

Before this trip even happened, Kyle’s brother made this cart for all the stuff we had, so bringing it to and from the beach would be easier. GENIUS idea! Every morning two of the guys would load it up and wheel it out to our spot, and at night, it would get packed up again and wheeled back to the house. We set up 5 or 6 umbrellas (I think!) so we had a huge shaded area for the lobsters and those with sun sensitivities.

The guys brought their skim and surf boards, and we rented paddle boards and kayaks!

When we arrived, all the kids and grand-kids got buckets and shovels with candies, glow sticks, and sparklers – SO SWEET. Unpacking went quickly as we were crazy excited to get outside!

We were obsessed with the outdoor showers. Kyle and I always say we’ll have one wherever we end up permanently! They’re so much fun (I still haven’t figured out why we’re so obsessed.) But we used it daily and it was love. 

There was only one day that was really “gloomy” and even then, it was beautiful (temperature wise) and only sprinkled on and off a few times. And still, we had a blast on the sand, collecting shells, talking, and watching the guys skim board. Lucky for  me, that was the day I was sick, so I didn’t have to miss out on any sunshine.

Did I mention how incredible it was to do nothing for a week!?!?!

I swam in the ocean at night for the first time (it was on the bucket list!) which was unsettling, weird, and awesome all at the same time. The moon was so bright and lit up half the ocean; it was like a painting. It’s weird because it’s so dark and mysterious. The ocean is already an unpredictable being.. swimming at night makes it seem so much bigger, and so much more dangerous! I lasted a few minutes before doing an ungraceful run out of the water.

We packed all of our food for the week so we were cooking in the house, swimming, soaking up the sun, and hanging out! It was fun because there were so many people there, that we were all doing something else all of the time. There was always someone to eat with you, lay on the beach with you, or watch a movie with you! Everyone was responsible for one dinner so we all planned ahead for what we were going to make and bring. It worked out so well!

Kyle’s mom pre-made most of the breakfasts we had, froze them, and put them in the oven when it was time! She made grits too (the best), and these sausage pinwheel things that were amazing! I would take that woman’s cooking over eating out any day! (Go mamma Rose!) She and Rich seriously spoiled us with this Christmas gift and getting everything together for it. It was such an amazing week!

Our house was really nice too! Floor to ceiling windows and just a short walk to the beach! So much deck space, porch swings, and a hammock. It was bliss!

We went kayaking in the ocean –  It’s something I’ve wanted to do, because I always see those people far out in the horizon in their kayaks gettin’ it and I always wondered what that was like. Even more so now that I’ve actually been kayaking. It was terrifying. It was so. much. fun. Going over the big waves in a kayak feels like something I can’t explain; it was a little bit of an adrenaline rush for me because I was scared, but it was so awesome! AND I caught a WAVE. In a KAYAK. Kayak surfing. I can’t surf, but this was a close second and super fun! I walked away with some hellacious bruises (which honestly makes me feel a little bad ass.) I fell out of that thing with no grace what-so-ever, and had even less getting into it. It’s fine.

Kyle’s brother Clay and his wife Candi took the kayaks to the sound which I wish I could’ve done – but, sick girl problems. They said it was super fun, though, which I’m sure it was because it’s so much calmer on the sound, and you can spend more time kayaking than falling out of the kayak. Kyle and I instead went to a little cafe and did some shopping with his parents!

BUT, I am totally sold on the “sit on top” kayaks and when we do buy them, they will be like this, for sure!

One of the last nights we were there, I set up my tripod and we took a bunch of family photos and then I took a few of each couple/family in our tribe. It was sweet to be able to make memories with and then for everyone!

On our last day, Kyle and I walked to the Avon Pier because I love a different view of the ocean and the beach. It was .. not straight, like you typically expect it to be after seeing it from the side. And no pier I’ve been on has ever been totally straight, but this one was cray. Like you couldn’t really see the very end of it because it was so crooked. And while you were walking, you could feel it move back and forth, which was weird, but I loved it! I would definitely go back here to get my wave pictures. haha!

One of the meals we did was a “low country seafood boil” which is not something I’d ever done before so I was super excited – even though I don’t eat much sea food.  HAHA. I ate the crab legs and some potatoes and sausage though, and it was so yummy! I think it was more fun for me to just watch than anything else. It was life-changing. I want to cook every meal from now on and the throw it on a table for everyone to pick off of. I’m obsessed.

Kyle’s best friend (practically his brother) came to visit, too! I love when they’re together because it’s like a whole other side of Kyle comes out and it’s kinda cute. And he’s super cool, so I didn’t mind that they were together most of the first few days.. I expected it. 😉

It was an incredibly amazing week with some awesome people and I’m so so happy  that this is the group of people that I’ll marry into in the future! I literally couldn’t ask for better and I feel so lucky.

This was such an awesome Christmas gift, that Candi and Rose were already looking at houses for next summer! It really is such an awesome bonding experience to put everyone in a house together like this. Especially when everyone has grown, moved out, and started their own families in different parts of the country. My family does the house thing too, which is really awesome. I love things that bring people together like this, and it’s always nice to feel like you live together again.


  1. I absolutely love the beach. I could lay on it all day and I embrace the sounds and smells. Its so relaxing! I am a mermaid so the beach is my love! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  2. Couple goals much?! Getting serious beach blues, your pictures are fantastic, looks like you both had an amazing time!

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