Sea-Side Updates + Crohn’s Disease TMIs

Hi everyone!

If you’ve been keeping up on Instagram you know I’m hanging out at the beach with my future in-laws (hehe!) It’s kind of a gloomy day today and I have not been feeling well, so I’ve spent the last… 12 hours? In bed.

The official score: Crohn’s Disease – 2 // Kaleigh – 1

(Coming up: TMI STORY TIME)

So If you’ve ever seen the commercials for Crohn’s Disease and whatever treatment they’re advertising, the biggest, like, “thing” with it is these people always worrying about having a bathroom nearby because I guess typically going to the bathroom 100x a day is pretty normal for this disease. Since I’ve been diagnosed (6+ years and GOING) I have never had this problem. I have a stricture in my ileum so like, “The big D” was never my problem. It would’ve actually been a God send after not having to go for 6-7 days at a time. WELCOME.
On the way here though, it happened to me. My first ever experience scrambling to find a damn bathroom. And if you’ve every driven down the highway on the Outer Banks, once you get past where the road splits, there’s really nothing there. My last saving grace was the Taco Bell/KFC that we arrived at around 10:18 and it didn’t open until TEN THIRTY. When we left, I took an Ativan because the amount of anxiety I was feeling over not having a bathroom if I need one for the next hour to Avon, was ridiculous. Like the scene of me having to take a shit behind a dumpster or on the side of the road in the middle of a wildlife refuge was playing in my head over and over again and the possibility was too real since, y’know, it almost just happened.

I was fine. And we made it to the house.

Fast forward a couple days, I wake up at 4 am and am throwing up every hour. Like have you ever thrown up pepto before? It’s beautiful. It’s 4:40 now, and I have not moved from this bed. Thank God for Kyle, seriously. He went to Food Lion at 6 am to get me medicine (& shout out to his friend for letting him take his car.) And he’s been so sweet, checking in on me and bringing me water, and forcing me to drink more pepto until I keep it down. Stomach pains, gurgling, nausea, oh my! Today has been lovely. Definitely what I had in mind for our little beach getaway. Okay.. I’m done whining.

am feeling quite a bit better now, and am actually hungry. Thanks to Belvita biscuits, I haven’t completely starved which is cool. It’s a really good “bland”ish snack to have when you feel like total shit but are starving at the same time, so that’s going on my grocery list for sure.

Now that we’re through that train wreck of a catch-up recap, here are a handful of photos from the last couple days. I’ll probably do some sort of “full recap” with all the photos, but I just don’t feel like editing or dealing with that jazz right now. It’s been super fun aside from what I just told you, and once I get past this funk today, I want to take advantage of the rest of our time here! There’s really nothing like a chronic illness to make you really appreciate what you have. LOL.

I totally burned our first day here so I had to hide from the sun yesterday (leave it to me). I can’t wait to put together the video and get the photos done though! Kyle and his family are a HOOT. They are so much fun and so hilarious to be around – I’ve been collecting quotes and story times for later so don’t miss it!



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  • Being chronically ill doesn’t make you a “burden”.
You’re not some unfortunate thing that happened. You’re not “less than”, an “inconvenience”, or “annoying”. You’re not your illness. 
What you ARE, is:
* Every bit as much a person as anyone else.
* A complete and total BADASS for handling the cards you’ve been dealt ON TOP of doing life just like everyone else.
* Deserving of a person that’s understanding, supportive, and doesn’t make you feel GUILTY for things that are beyond your control. 
And I hate that this is something I have to constantly remind myself of.
📷 @kaylalajean
  • I wrote a bit today on drinking apple cider vinegar and the benefits I’m hoping to take advantage of by making this part of my daily routine! A lot of people swear by it, so if you’ve ever been curiousssss, you can find it on the blog 🌿
  • RUFF C’s
  • it’s been such a hard week and it’s only Tuesday
  • There’s a new blog post on W&L with photos of this blue & white flannel dress! (Thanks @shoppinkblush )
  • I am feeling SO good today! 👏🏼 I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I feel the way I do at this point in my life and I’m learning. I’ve said it a million times & I’ll say it again for good measure: the relationship you have with yourself is so. important. Nourish it, feed it, watch it blossom. And youll surprise yourself when the time comes that the universe tests your strength. #reallifeis #yearofyou #selflovesoldier
  • Last night I fought consciousness HARDDDD- but still managed to fall asleep before 3am. 🎉 and I got up early, grabbed coffee with a friend, and came home to have a productive afternoon of catching up on work. I might pop on my stories for a little bit to word vomit some more but we’ll see. 🙄 #happythursday #reallifeis
  • Over it. 
Where’s my sunshine.
I want to sunbathe like a lizard.
  • It’s healthy resolution season and I’m keeping my pearly whites clean with the @waterpik toothbrush from my @babbleboxxofficial wishlist from last month! It’s a water flosser and triple sonic toothbrush all in one neat little counter topper. #wishlistbbxx #ad #waterpik
  • can’t feel my knees
  • so many holiday things happening and literally aaaalll I can think about is the ocean.
  • I’m really struggling with the holiday spirit this year. Maybe because I’m growing up, maybe because life is weird right now. Who really even knows. I’m just super stoked I’m home with my favorite peoples. ✨🌲