Kyle and I decided to grill some chicken for dinner the other night and it was the easiest dinner ever! I bought a family pack of wings from our butcher shop for about $12 (feeds us 2x!) and Kyle put them in different sauces before and after grilling them.

I’m partial to Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, but he likes using a sweet chili or buffalo sauce instead!

The frozen sangria is a mix of fresh pineapple and peach, rose, and ice! I would have preferred to have a bubbly wine or a champagne (which would have made it a mimosa?) but I was just using what I had! I blended these ingredients and used my pineapple as a cup which is 1.) hard to hold. 2.) Sticky as hell. and 3.) not worth it. It was quickly poured into a glass.

Also, note: Our gas grill is out of commission so we’ve been using the charcoal “table top” we have, except we don’t have an outdoor table yet, so we’re using the gas grill as a temporary table for the other grill. #ratchetorsmart

Not pictured: The comically cliche piece of spinach from the salad I ate for lunch lodged oh-so-perfectly between my teeth. Luckily I was able to crop that out of the photo. Awkward.

With dinner, we made sweet potato fries (or cooked them – we didn’t actually make them.) and I made a cinnamon butter to go with them! I’m new to sweet potato fries but I’m pretty sure this will always be the only way I will eat them! I used an entire stick of butter, cinnamon, and truvia baking blend until I  thought it had a good taste to it.

This meal was so easy, and grilling is always really fun for us to do! I see us doing this a lot this summer!



    • Kaleigh Reply

      It is! But you don’t need a ton of space to grill! 🙂

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