“Follow you dreams.” they say.

Hundreds of different questions come to mind when faced with the notion of “following your dreams”. We’re entering the world of adulthood with no experience or idea of what we want to be doing. Many of us ignore that confusion and those difficult decisions and stay where we are because it’s safe, we’re still unsure, and sometimes we’re just plain scared. We’re too afraid to dig into what we need to find ourselves and set ourselves up for great success. The work is overwhelming. So we settle; usually just “for now” but in most cases we end up stuck.

But for those go-getters that don’t see settling as an option, we dig. We’re able to figure out what we want, we find ourselves, and we fight for our happiness and dreams. If you’re feeling stuck between confusion and your intuition urging you to pursue something greater, then this is for you.

“Following your dreams” (in its entirety) is daunting. Sort of like climbing a mountain! It looks impossible from the bottom, but we acknowledge that we can’t look at the mountain as one long, exhausting, and impossible trek. Instead, we see it as a series of smaller, more manageable hikes. With hard work, dedication, a smart plan, and some confidence, it can be done! There are a handful of tasks to accomplish but we’ve found that these three are at the core of it all!

  1. Organize your Priorities

One of the most important and preliminary things to complete before going for your dreams is organizing your priorities. As we grow, our priorities shift; typically, as a result of maturing and taking on an increase in responsibility. If you’re ready to start the climb, you need to make some life changes! Stop putting so much importance on your social life, trivial matters, and pointless activities (like Netflix and social medias). Instead, start putting productive tasks at the front of the line! In no time, you’ll start making the first steps in those “little hikes” up your mountain to greatness!

  1. Create a Plan

List making is a huge must in remembering tasks and keeping on schedule! Once your priorities are more in line with the life you want to create for yourself, you’re ready to start creating your plan of action! A plan with “small hikes” will make a huge difference in making legitimate progress in the right direction – eventually you will get there. Figure out what kind of training or degrees you’ll need for that dream job. Send in your applications – make a list for that, too! Schools, grants, loans, oh my! When you present yourself with small tasks in a to-do list fashion, 1.) you’re more apt to complete the tasks, and 2.) checking off completed tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment and further entice you to keep going.

  1. Be Confident

Before you jump into any schooling, training, career development, or mountain climbing, remember to keep your head where it belongs. Things can and will get difficult, but if you have confidence and know that you can do whatever you set your mind to, anything is possible! There are many tools available for confidence building that can make a significant impact on your performance and ability to handle stressful situations. Some popular options are yoga, positive self-talk, and just squashing those insecurities! Sometimes it’s really just about shutting up that negative voice in your head that tells you “I can’t”. You can.

With organized priorities, a detailed plan, and a dose of confidence, you can accomplish your dreams. Are you ready to start your hike?



  1. Creating a plan is definitely a must. I’ve found that without a plan, I end up wasting time and money.

  2. I love this! I am an ultra-organizer so I definitely have the organize part down though!!! This also is great since I just started my blog Koffeekisses, I think it will help me fulfill my dream of being able to inspire people!

    • Kaleigh Reply

      That’s great! I love it when people utilize this kind of platform to help others! Thanks for the love! xx

  3. You’re absolutely right, specially creating a plan is important. I experienced that first hand when I decided I wanted to immigrate to Norway.

    • Kaleigh Reply

      Yes! A plan is so necessary to make sure things get done! That’s awesome you went to Norway; how exciting!!

  4. Love this! Great post with great insight, I would add, make a decision to never give up. It’s not gonna be easy but persistence, along with these three definitely pays off.

    • Kaleigh Reply

      Love your addition! Persistence is definitely key!

  5. great post! you give some good advice. I think that lack of confidence is what keeps a lot of people from going after their dreams.

    • Kaleigh Reply

      Thank you! And yes, absolutely! Knowing and remembering you can is so important!

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