A Day in Cincinnati, Ohio!

Cincinnati is such a sweet city. I have never been here before, and I knew nothing about it, really. I didn’t even realize it was as big a city as it actually is! It should definitely be on your list of places to visit!

My mom scheduled a wacky walk  for our morning in the city, and it was really neat! You basically download this app on your phone and when you get to the start point, you check in. Then it tells you to choose a team captain and you start. It gives you directions and clues to each spot you go to, and when you get there, you have to solve some sort of puzzle, riddle, or math problem. Every time you answer a question, you are prompted to do something silly. One task was to pose like super heroes, one was to have a fake sword fight, and for one of them, my sister danced around like a monkey. Then you photograph or record it and upload it to the app!


The walk takes you around to different historical points in town so you can read and learn about it while you walk. It was so educational! It took us about 2 hours to complete, stopping for lunch in the middle! We learned about Abraham Lincoln, The very first concrete skyscraper, Proctor and Gamble, and other historical facts about the different buildings, people, and happenings in Cincinnati!


We ate at the Rock Bottom Brewery + Restaurant and it was awesome. The weather was beautiful so we were able to eat outside. My mom and dad and I shared a pizza and salad (Margherita is my FAVORITE!) and then the other 2 ordered their own food. The service was great, and our waitress was so sweet and funny! It was pretty affordable too, at about $10 a person!


After lunch we finished our wacky walk and then headed to the Carew Tower for a view, since we didn’t do the Sky Deck in Chicago. (Boooooo!)


Oh, and aren’t my parents the cutest?!


The Carew Tower was built in the 1920’s, and construction was complete in 1930. It costs $4/person to do this (compared to $22/person in Chicago!) and we got in for free since we had our military ID’s. Thank God we did, though, because they only take cash and we only had about $10 on us! The tower was older but the elevator went up so quickly! It took us to floor 45 and we walked the rest of the way up to floor 49. There is a small elevator that will take you to the 49th floor, but I was not up for that. (I have a bit of a claustrophobia issue!) The view from the top was incredible! We spent a few minutes up there looking out into the horizon, walking the perimeter, and taking photos. When we got back down, we were totally happy to be on solid ground again!

I’m sure there’s tons else to do in such an awesome city, but with only a few hours, I don’t think we did half bad! I would definitely love to visit again and see what else we can get into, but I would totally recommend taking a historical walk and then getting that view in while you’re there!


    1. Thank you for your comment + providing travelers with such a fun way to learn about new cities! Loved it. xoxo

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