River Boat Gambling in Iowa!

In Marquette, Iowa there’s 3 floors of a casino on a boat! Jordyn turned 21 in January so going to the casino while we were here was a must! We chose Lady luck because it was in Iowa, on a boat, and not as far away as the other options. As unique as it was, I do feel bad that her first experience was on an old boat, when most other casinos are huge, filled with music and blinking lights, and have extensive bar menus. When I went my first time, it was amazing- I got tipsy and spent way too much money, haha! We will definitely have to bring her to another casino in the future that is more… flashy and upscale, but I am glad we got to experience this!

I lost about $40 and we walked away with 11 cents. WOOHOO!


The boat sat on the Mississippi River and it didn’t go anywhere, but the scenery was beautiful. On the third floor you can see out the windows while you play, which was really nice. The other floors didn’t have windows, but there was a little tiny cafeteria that served food and I did get to try fried cheese curds for the first time ever (a mid-west necessity) and I’m obsessed. Better than mozzarella sticks! *GASP*

Overall it was a unique and fun experience. I would totally recommend anyone looking to gamble, to definitely try to find a boat! Boats are just cooler and more fun in general.

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  • My dad left a bag of my grandmothers post cards from people over the last 40 years on the table this morning. I spent about an hour going through them and trying to read them. It was fascinating! Stamps from other countries, 1 cent, 20 cents, the Great Wall of China, the beautiful Amalfi coast. So so so cool.
  • Being chronically ill doesn’t make you a “burden”.
You’re not some unfortunate thing that happened. You’re not “less than”, an “inconvenience”, or “annoying”. You’re not your illness. 
What you ARE, is:
* Every bit as much a person as anyone else.
* A complete and total BADASS for handling the cards you’ve been dealt ON TOP of doing life just like everyone else.
* Deserving of a person that’s understanding, supportive, and doesn’t make you feel GUILTY for things that are beyond your control. 
And I hate that this is something I have to constantly remind myself of.
📷 @kaylalajean
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  • it’s been such a hard week and it’s only Tuesday
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Where’s my sunshine.
I want to sunbathe like a lizard.
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  • can’t feel my knees
  • so many holiday things happening and literally aaaalll I can think about is the ocean.