I downloaded a ton of new apps from the Apple store before this road trip because I thought I could use them! I will say, I was a little skeptical at how much these would actually help me if I needed them, but I was surprisingly impressed so I thought I’d share them!

Relax Lite-

This app opens up and gives you 3 different options: Quick Start, Breathing, and Meditation. It also gives you an information button, a calendar to track your times and progress, and there are settings you can go into to change up the music (Ambient, Classic, Nature, Serenity, and Vedic), the theme, the language, and you can turn on or off the classic mode. Quick start jumps right into breathing with some soothing music for 5 minutes. Breathing gives you either a beginner option or you buy the full version. In Beginner, you choose the length of breathing time (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, or 60 minutes) And then you choose the level. Start with level 1, and work your way up! I find this app helpful when I’m going to sleep or if I am feeling anxious, I’ll turn it on and just breathe. It’s also perfect for meditation, which is the third option. You can choose 8 minutes or buy the full version. In 8 minutes, there’s an 8 minute talk that directs you on what to do. I haven’t used this option much, as I like the breathing part of the app better, but overall, I totally recommend this app!

End Anxiety –

When you get into this one, there are 5 options at the bottom: settings, interact, listen, instructions, and more! “More” gives you different talks about different issues in life. For example – there are things you can get for mindful eating, losing weight, or boosting your sex drive! “Instructions” gives you a run down on the app – what it’s for, what you can get out of it, and what you’re meant to do with it. “Interact” is more for sharing via social medias. “Listen” is where it’s at! You can adjust the voice, background noise, and hypnotic booster. This is more of a hypnosis app, so you choose your topic in “more” and then you listen – preferably while in a horizontal, relaxed state with your eyes closed! I really love this app for when I need it. Otherwise, I don’t use it often. But it’s really nice for when you’re alone and want to learn or gain some insight on whatever issue you’re currently dealing with!

Hypnosis –

This is a hypnosis app as well! there are some free topics you can get, but others you have to purchase. This also goes by whatever issue you’re dealing with – some of the options include: deep relaxation, happiness + confidence, ADHD, alcohol addiction, and eating disorders. This one was cool though, because you have the option to record your own personal audios! So if you have something you deal with that isn’t in any of the categories you can download, record your own words of inspiration to listen to when you need it! This app is special in it’s own way, because it’s almost like a therapy session. You choose the topic and then listen to words of encouragement, inspiration, and advice.

Calmkeeper –

Ok – this one is my favorite! The menu includes “Tools” (This part is cool. The tools tab gives you the tools to get through episodes of panic or anxiety. There is a match game that required memory and attention, positive state is endless quotes of encouragement, quick distractions are directions to distract your mind from your anxiety, like – spell your name backwards, count back from 100 by 4 and other things like this – The orb is a visual 3D ball that gets smaller and larger, and you are meant to inhale and exhale with it’s movement. Word maker gives you a 4×4 of letters and you have to make words from them!), “Learn” (This section teaches you about your anxiety and effective techniques to help in getting it under control when you feel it coming on), “Guide” just takes you through each tool and tells you what they’re for and what they can do for you and “Feedback” offers contact information for support or help if you need it! This is by far the best app for anxiety that I’ve found so far, and I am so in love with it!

Anxiety + Phobias –

This app is the ultimate Anxiety/Panic/Depression learning app! When you open it, you click on the “fear” photo and it takes you to a “general” page. here it lists tons of different categories ranging from how “anxiety changes lives” to “depression and defense mechanisms” to understanding anxiety attacks and how you need to relax! Under each category is reading material that provides you with so, so, much useful information on anxiety and depression – giving you a much bigger understanding on how it all works. Sometimes the more you know about what you’re dealing with, the better you’re at when it comes down to handling it and knowing what to do.

I hope these are helpful, as I have most definitely found them to be!


For pros and cons of anonymous chat rooms for therapy,  click HERE. 


  1. Super interesting ! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I discovered your blog through Instagram and I really like it 🙂 Idownloaded the 2 first ones and can’t wait to try them ! It’s fun because I wrote an article today in the same topic : how to relax.
    Check it out if you want to. I wish you a good evening 🙂 stress-free!

    • Kaleigh Reply

      Hey!! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment – I’m so glad you downloaded a couple and I really do hope they help! I will definitely check out your post! Hope you are doing well and have a nice evening too!!

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