In June, we took a weekend to go to New York to visit family. The plan was to make time for day trip to the city to explore but due to my being sick, exhausted, anxious, and hating humid/hot weather, we didn’t go. Which was fine, I was a little disappointed, but I knew it was probably for the best to just skip the added stresses of walking around NYC in summer heat and just relax while we were there!

My  family lives in the Mill Basin area so that’s usually the area we stay around, but Brooklyn is so much bigger than just that area! The struggle is that even if something is 3 miles away, it’ll take 25 minutes to get there. #citywoes

We asked my dad to drive us across the Brooklyn bridge so we could walk across it. It’s something we’ve never done, despite having gone to Brooklyn a million times. even my own family members were like “I still haven’t even done that.”
It’s definitely a touristy thing to do, so locals probably don’t bother (especially with the traffic and how many people there are)

We drove around Brooklyn and listened to my dad talk about how much everything has changed. He took us through his old neighborhoods, showed us his old houses, schools, where my parents got married, and different spots that were completely changed! It was a little walk down memory lane for him and it’s always really fun to listen to his stories. 

After we walked the bridge, my dad picked us back up and then we headed to lunch. 

So we went to lunch at this place called Joe’s of Avenue U and it was amazing! I had never been to a restaurant that served the same authentic Italian/Sicilian food that my family and my dad’s family make.
It was neat to be in a place that you sort of feel like you fit in at, like “THESE ARE MY PEOPLE”!!! And it’s a breath of fresh air from being in the South where Italian food is Olive Garden (No offense to people who love Olive Garden, but really…) 

Sunday Funday was full of family time, sun bathing, and good food! We celebrated my Uncle Augie’s birthday, met a new cousin of ours, and I got to introduce everyone to Kyle! It was really fun to watch Kyle experience that side of the family because he’s constantly on me about how loud I am, or why I do certain things, and now he has more of an understanding of that – because that’s how my whole family is. Not he gets it. He got to eat everything that I’ve been raving about since we started dating, and he got to see everything and experience everything I do when we visit my family. Which I’m really happy about. 

It was a great weekend. I love visiting this city and I love grocery shopping here. Like, give me all the Italian bread. Give me all the olives.

Xo, K

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