Kyle and I drove to the Eno River State Park this week and it was such a good time!

We met with his cousin and her little boy for lunch at a firehouse themed pizza place where they serve your pizza with a pair of scissors so you can cut and serve yourself! It was pretty neat and the weather was beautiful so we sat outside! They went home for swim suits and we stopped by Target for a few cheap pool floats for the river. Their house is actually right near one of the entrances to the state park, so we all drove together and they led us to a little opening to the river where there are a few flat rocks and it’s super easy to get in! It was really shallow anyway, but having an easy spot in is always nice!

The river was super slow, so  we just floated around for a bit until his cousin and her husband said they’d be going to the van to park and find us an “out” down the river, closer to the bridge! So we floated on down to the bridge, got out, and walked up to the van! Then we drove to another part of the park where there is a swinging foot bridge, more river, and some really pretty trails!! We walked, took some photos, and hung out by the river for a little while longer before getting back to the van and going home.

It was such a good work out, too! Another reason I love parks like this is that hiking takes a lot more concentration and work than a typical gym visit! You get much more of a work out and it’s 100x more fun and exciting!

When it comes to state parks, unless I live really close, it’s usually something I want to do once and that’s it, but this one was so awesome I definitely want to visit again! I loved, loved, loved the swinging bridge and all the rocks and the river, everything was so gorgeous! I already want to go back and visit!

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