I’M ON A BOAT (bitch)

I went to work yesterday and Kyle went on the boat with his friend Lee. We had made dinner plans so when I left work that evening, I went to the store for some supplies- and then he texts me from Lake Gaston, saying that if I drive to the boat landing, they’ll come pick me up.


So I put dinner in the fridge, grabbed a fast food burger, and drove over to the boat landing.

The road name Kyle gave me to meet them at is apparently in 2 different places and of course, I drive to the wrong one. I have no idea where I am, my service is going in and out, they don’t know where I am either, and I was about 2 minutes from just going home – but then they told me to meet them at a Shell Station that is next to a different boat landing and they met me there instead.

We rode around for a while and then stopped to swim. I only wore my bikini bottoms, no top, I was wearing my bra, because I thought maybe my butt would get wet wherever I was sitting, so I had to jump in in my whole dress! I was actually super hesitant to get in because there was no ladder on the boat and I knew I didn’t have the upper body strength to pull myself back into the boat, but the guys assured me they would get me in, so I jumped.

Fast forward to me trying to get my ass back in the boat – Kyle tried pulling me in and was too drunk and too giggly to do this efficiently so he let me go. I dropped back into the water, and he flew off the opposite side of the boat back into the lake, while Lee just stood there laughing at the both of us! I actually thought I was never going to get back into the boat. Like I thought we’d have to ride all the way back to the landing with me hanging off the side of the boat like a fish. After a few tries, we finally got me into the boat and  I just couldn’t stop laughing. Maybe once I start getting better I can work on getting into better shape so we don’t have to have a repeat of this situation. HAHA.

The sunset from the water was gorgeous, and it was such a perfect day for a ride, so I’m really glad I went.

I will admit, I was initially a little upset that Kyle texted me to invite me because he wouldn’t be home in time for the dinner we planned together. But I am trying to say more “yes” and to let go of plans and expectations and to just roll with life, so I went. I feel like the best experiences are ones you don’t plan for. They’re in the spontaneous days and last minute changes. So what if we had dinner plans?  This was way more fun, and we can cook dinner together anytime.


    • Kaleigh Reply

      Thank you!! I use a GoPro for stuff like this, and I also shoot with my Nikon D7000 + iphone 6!

  1. My aunt used to have a cottage on Lake Gaston! It looks like you guys had a fun evening!

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