Last night I went off to Durham, NC with some of  my future in-law ladies! Kyle’s cousin Arlie actually lives there so  she chose the restaurant and showed us around while we killed time before the River Dance show we were going to see! We ate at Dame’s Chicken + Waffles and it was amazing. I’d never really had real fried chicken and waffles before, so of course, I was really excited. They had so many different flavor combinations and meal ideas, it was hard to choose! I got 3 wings, a blueberry waffle, and apricot shmear – oh, the SHMEAR! I always thought of cream cheese when I heard the word the shmear, but this stuff was whipped butter mixed with whatever fruit you wanted. They had strawberry, apricot, blueberry, vanilla almond, and more! Then you can choose a drizzle too, like chocolate, caramel, whiskey caramel, candied nuts, etc. It was so unique and seriously delicious. And I had the best mixed drink of my life here! Kind of dramatic to say, but it was. Peach moscato, mango puree, and raspberry drizzle = peach cobbler.  YUM. Tangy, sweet – we’re already trying to figure out how to make it ourselves. I highly recommend going to this place if you’re ever in the area!

After dinner Arlie took us to a “cool thing”! There’s a bank-turned-hotel there that kept a lot of the bank features in tact – including the vault and the weird, secret hallways! The upper floors were turned into  art galleries with some really neat installations like the bathroom with the glass walls that turn opaque when you lock the doors, and the army men American Flag. It was seriously neat and I would’ve never pegged that hotel to harbor such neat must-sees! The show we went to was incredible. It’s amazing how fast those people move their feet! The music was awesome, too. It was very modern and had a really strong beat which was really fun to listen to while they danced. I learned about a few new instruments and was blown away by their talent. They killed it! I already want to go back to DPAC to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas! 

Durham is a sweet little city and I’m really glad I was able to go along with everyone to see a piece of it. I can’t wait to go back! Kyle and I have already made plans for our next Durham adventure and we’re stoked!


  1. I recently visited a seaside town in Norway and stayed in a converted bank which I found really fun. I love the US flag – so unusual. The other photo I love is the bath! Great post

    • It was such a cool idea! I mean, I know they use older buildings for newer things, but the way they kept all the details the same was seriously neat! And it was a cool art piece, huh? Thank you!!

  2. What a joyful face on the beginning 🙂
    I love the images of details, so many little quirks 🙂

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