Positive self-talk is vital to keeping a positive self-image and can be such an influential tool in learning to see our value over our flaws. Instead of saying, “I can’t” and feeling defeated, say “I can” and feel empowered – that sort of thing! Positive self-talk is something that can be used anytime during the day, and in any situation. In front of a mirror, while trying on clothes, at school or work, with your children, etc. Sometimes we need a little push of encouragement and why not be the ones to give it? To ourselves?! We know more than anyone else how powerful and able we are, and yet, we’re the first ones to tell ourselves otherwise. I know deep down, I can do it, so  why do I constantly tell myself I can’t?

From personal experience, I know I have to drag myself out of bed most mornings, and I’m not really motivated, feeling myself, or feeling pumped about the day until later. I’m just not a morning person. I wish I was, I really do – but I’m not. So when I get ready in the morning, I’m usually rushed, things are a mess, can’t find the dry shampoo or the bra I needed – mornings are just chaotic, and I seem to only find time to ridicule myself. For the messy state my clothing always seems to be in, for the fact that I  had to  go up in sizes but I’m between them, really, which means nothing fits me right. For not being responsible and waking up with enough time to deal with the kind of morning I know I always have. For running out of dry shampoo, for not being able to look like I’m actually put together – and it does make a difference in my day. Negative self-talk makes me feel bad about myself, like it should – I mean, it makes total sense.

Compliments are nice, and receiving them makes us feel good, but the high is temporary, and the next day we’re back to feeling like we always do, regardless of what people tell us.  We forget compliments like they never happened. We need to give compliments to ourselves, and start being nice to our own selves before we can start believing compliments we receive from others.

I learned from Kyle’s mom that every time you say something negative about yourself,  you follow up with something positive. Eventually the negative starts to fade out of the equation and you’re just saying good things about yourself all the time! Redirecting negative focus onto something more positive will force us to think of something positive and in turn, we’re contemplating different positives and choosing one to match whatever negative thought was produced to begin with. And once all the negatives have faded from our routines, we will be free to feel happy with ourselves in our own glowy, unique skin.

It takes 21 days to start a habit, and I definitely think this one is worth starting!


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