We were in Charlotte this past weekend for the Coca-Cola 600 race but we went a day early to see some of this big city while we were in the area!

I didn’t get to do quite as much as I would have liked to, but that’s part of traveling with a larger group of people and not having as much time as I probably needed for everything I was looking at!

One thing I absolutely did want to see was The Green – The Green is a little half-acre park in uptown Charlotte featuring several neat sculptures and big fountain – but it’s more of a play fountain than a decorative fountain, haha! It was a fast walk-through but it was really cool. There are signs all over the place with numbers dictating how many miles there are between Charlotte and the place written on the sign. Then there is a huge pole with several signs pointing in all different directions with the same idea, it was really awesome!We sort of happened upon “Speed Street; a celebration of Nascar” while at The Green,  so  we decided to jump into the flow of people and see what it was about. There was a lot of stuff going on; food eating contests, live music, food, margarita bars, and religious extremists with hateful signs yelling at people! One actually pointed at me and told me I should be ashamed for walking around half naked-except I was pretty covered up compared to the other people around me, so that was an interesting experience.

We found a cool spot on the outskirts of town that had a perfect view of the Charlotte skyline (thanks for the tip, Google!) It was 679 Central Ave, right over the bridge, for anyone curious about getting their own skyline shots!

Between the drive, the people, and the heat, it was a pretty exhausting day but I’m glad we got there early to see a little bit of this big place.

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