Coca-Cola 600: Charlotte Motor Speedway 🏎

I’m not a huge Nascar fan, no one in my family really is except my parents, but this was such a cool experience and it’s something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime! My brother and the rest of the CCHS Coast Guard JLP Color Guard group were invited to present colors in the pre-race show, so we all packed up and went to Charlotte!

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We got infield passes and got to walk down pit road and stand on the track for the show. When we got there, we parked in our little VIP section close to the track, and we waited to be picked up to go to the Xfinity Garage. We waited over an hour, so I got plenty of play time in on Hungry Shark. We all piled into these big vans and were driven to the garage and paraded out to the track together. We watched everything from there and it was so cool! It sprinkled a little but it passed quickly and we were able to spend the rest of our time there dry. I can’t believe my little brother was on live television and in front of so many people doing this! It was so awesome to see him up there with his friends.

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After the show, we had to fight with security to let us pass the line of trucks to meet back up with Dominick and the other kids, but we finally did and we connected back with them and were driven back to the gate entrance so we could find our seats. We grabbed pizzas, sat down, and practically had our ears blown out before we could get our ear plugs in! They started the race early to try and finish before the rain was supposed to start, which was totally fine, because no one was really thrilled about waiting an hour for the race to start.

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The actual race was okay, a little uneventful for someone who doesn’t follow Nascar or pay attention, but we got red velvet and butter pecan funnel cakes, so all was well with the world.

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