They happen. Sometimes more often than we’d probably like – and anything can cause it!

For me, a bad day usually occurs through a combination of negative factors that I keep overlooking and brushing off until there is some sort of “straw that broke the camel’s back” situation.

If I don’t feel well, the day will not be well. Bad hair day, I don’t feel cute, stomach pains, fatigue, etc. They all contribute to a bad day. Along with traffic, feeling unappreciated, guilty, or overwhelmed. Typical things.

There’s a world of opportunities to turn your day around, you just have to take advantage of them! The first step, of course, is simply acknowledging that you are indeed having abad day. Figure out why, and then decide what you’re going to do about it!

1. Treat yo’self: Buy something, do something, go somewhere, for yourself. Usually I’ll get some ice cream, or do my eyebrows, get a spray tan, or take myself to buy a new dress! Cleaning my space makes me feel better too!

2. Surround yourself with good people: Starr Catrone says, “I like to play with my son and call my favorite people to compliment them! I usually vibe off of people so when I see the people I love feeling on top of the world, I usually do too!”  I loved this statement, because If I’m feeling down on myself for whatever reason, being around people at work, or my family, or my friends, always picks me back up. And complimenting others, making others feel good, will make you feel good in return!

3. Food, Naps, + Netflix: A tip from my sister – eat food that makes you happy and watch Netflix- LOL. In all seriousness, though, relaxation is key when you’re dealing with an influx of negative energy or stress! And if you’re an emotional eater, like I am, then a good meal can change your mood! My idea of comfort food usually includes pastina, mashed potatoes, and breakfast food!

4. WINE: Macy McDonald of says she loves to open a bottle wine after a hard day! Wine aids in relaxation, it improves short term memory, and comes with tons of other health benefits, so daily consumption is practically suggested!

5. EXERCISE: Exercise has crazy potential when it comes to boosting your mood! From something as simple as a quick yoga sessions, to something as challenging as weightlifting or going for a run, anything can aid in releasing those endorphins and bringing your happiness up a notch – so get to it!

6. Hobbies + Loved Ones: Kyle says his favorite thing to do when he’s having a bad is to play video games and “snuggle with his woman” (aka me, hehe!) So do something you love – video games, DIY’s, baking, listening to music, get a beer, etc. Get closer to the ones you love! I love coming home to Kyle and my kitty when I’m having a bad day. There is no better fix!

7. MUSIC: Anne McCartney of says, “I’m obsessed with this playlist on Spotify called “your coffee break” It’s amazing! Also, snuggling animals, and taking a long, hot shower to clear my head always makes me feel better!” I totally agree with the animal snuggles! As I mentioned before, getting to my kitten makes my day!

8. Get back to nature: Nature has this amazing way of making you think about something bigger than yourself. It turns the wheels in your head, and forces you to feel something other than the negativity. Go to the beach, the lake, the mountains. Anything!

9. WRITE: One of the reasons I love blogging so much, is that it allows me to release any pent up negativity or thoughts into the universe. You can start your own blog, or just start journaling! Both will help tremendously in getting things off your chest, off your shoulders, and off your mind.

10. And last but not least, Let it go. Things happen, and the best way to move on from them is to simply let them go. If it caused a bad day more than once, there’s no sense in keeping it in your life at all!

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