Over the Memorial Day weekend, I decided I wanted to explore the state I live in a little further and go west! My mom and sister came with me and we explored a few different peaks and towns. 
1. I learned that I am absolutely the product of 2 coasties and I belong near a coast.
2. Don’t let the asthmatics hike.
& 3. Why is the speed limit around these mountains so high?! There is no safe way to go 50 mph down a mountain’s curvy roads.

First we went to Chimney Rock State Park and to our toursity dismay, the elevator was broken. So we had to climb to main part of the mountain and then climb even farther to the higher places we wanted to see.

It’s safe to say there was a lot of whining, stopping, crawling, laughing, and sweating – but it was so worth it in the end because he view from the top was amazing!

After we left Chimney Rock, we hung out around Lake Lure and visited the arts & crafts fair. We walked around listening to music, eating ice cream, and visiting little shops. There was even a beach! A beach in the middle of the mountains on Lake Lure. It was awesome. 

When we were done, we drove our way through the NC scenic bypass to Mount Mitchell, the highest peak East of the Mississippi River – which was pretty neat! We stopped at nearly every outlook we found signs for, and the higher we got up the mountain the crazier we felt. My sister was in the backseat screaming, “I CAN’T LOOK! NO! WE’RE TOO HIGH! THIS IS UNNATURAL.” 

We ate at a restaurant a little south of the actually “highest point” when we got there. There was a whole wall of windows overlooking the mountains while we ate dinner, it was so pretty!

On the second day we drove to Linville Falls. It was by far the best hike/most beautiful view. But let me start by saying, I do not hike. I definitely enjoyed it, and I wouldn’t mind doing it again, but I don’t hike. I take long walks along the flatlands and beaches that I live on. And my post-hike panic attack was literally traumatizing, so it might be a little while before I try and do that again. After we were done, I laid out on the bench and wouldn’t stop talking about how much I missed the ocean and repeating “I’m a BEACH GIRL!”
Aside from that though, the first two trails were beautiful and so much fun. The third trail was so difficult but the waterfall at the end was worth it and I think I’m glad I did it. Like I said, traumatizing post-hike experience kind of ruined it for me.

I would say overall it was a successful trip. I didn’t get to do any portrait work due to our little panic episode/ER detour taking a chunk of time from us, but I did get to see some awesome sights, I got to visit with a good friend of mine for dinner and I got a whole week off work to deal with prednisone induced anxiety and other withdrawal symptoms! FUN!!


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