It has been raining all week, so I was so happy when I saw sunshines in today’s forecast. We got up and went to the farmer’s market – I think it was the first Saturday it was open, so there wasn’t a whole lot going on, but it was still cute and we got some veggies for dinner and some other little things.. I was just excited to use my “Oh Kale Yeah” grocery tote, to be honest. Then we ran over to Lowe’s for stepping stones, flowers, and mulch to pretty up our front yard!

So we tore out some dead bushes, mulched the front of the house (we had to make 2 Lowe’s trips…) I bought some new plants to hang on the sides of the porch along side my mint plants, ,and then we made plans for some future purchases for the yard! We love doing yard work so much, I don’t know why. Like, we take pride in beautification and we love being outside! I’ve grown to love planting and watching my friends grow and flourish. It makes me proud! They’re like my little babies!

After lunch, (you can read about my mango berry tango, green tea, protein smoothie HERE) we went to the Lake to soak up the sunshine and just relax and enjoy the nature that surrounded us. Every time we go out there, or anywhere that comes with solitude and silence, I like to pick out 5 things I appreciate about that moment. Today it was the smell of the onion grass, having warm skin and cool toes in the water, feeling the grass on my shoulders, being with Kyle and Kyle alone (no distractions, phones, people), and feeling peace in not having anything to worry about at that particular moment in time. It was just.. bliss.

A day outdoors is a day well spent. We ate dinner early today, and are planning a little movie night in after we take advantage of 50% off frappuccinos at Starbucks! Our couch is perfect for movie night because the ottoman is practically the size of the couch itself, so when we use it, it turns the couch almost mattress sized, and it’s perfect for snuggles and falling asleep because that’s what I end up doing almost every time we watch a movie. Just like my Mom..

I hope we’re all having a good weekend!


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