My favorites and preferences are constantly changing, and I thought this would be a fun post to look back on later! It’s also fun to analyze what I’m currently doing in my life – today, to be specific.

So, here’s me today, April 2016.


1. Watching: I just finished the 2 seasons of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix, but I just started Kids Baking Championship (YAY!) Kyle & I watch a lot of Family Guy for like, background noise. And we watch a lot of Fixer Upper and other HGTV shows.. In the mornings I turn on ET because Botched usually comes on after their entertainment news rerun, and I just love that show, it’s a total guilty pleasure.

2. Eating: For breakfast I haven’t really been eating lately. I just get too busy running around my house trying to leave for work, but I’ve been throwing a banana in my bag every morning as a snack before lunch, because I carry a jar of peanut butter in my bag at all times, so it just ends up being a mid-morning snack. We’ve been eating so many veggies lately, I think we’re on a kick. Maybe this will last long enough for us to lose some weight. Also, sunflower seeds.. and Outshine fruit bars (strawberry) – so good. 

3. Listening to: Ugh, I’m obsessed with the Meghan Trainor song MY NAME IS NO MY SIGN IS NO MY NUMBER IS NOOOOO. I can’t help it. I don’t want to like her, but every song that comes on the radio gets stuck in my damn head. *face palm* I’ve been listening to This is Gospel by Panic! at the Disco a lot lately, and also Boston by Augustana because I’m trying to teach myself to play them on the piano. And 1st Vows whole EP, Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande, and Grand Optimist by City & Colour.

4. Wearing: Stretchy black palazzo pants, my holey jeans, kimonos, graphic tees, granny sandals.

5. Drinking: So much water. And also Diet Pepsi. I’m typically a coca-cola girl, but the vending machine at work has Pepsi, so here I am.

6. Doing: blogging, exploring, working. The usual! This week I’ve been sick-er than normal, so I’ve spent more time in the bathroom (hehe, Crohn’s TMI) but we also went to Wilson, I’ll be in Raleigh Friday, OBX Saturday, I’ve been on my blogging A-game, and work has been super productive since the end of the school is right around the corner!

7. Planning: Raleigh day-fun, OBX day-fun, blog posts for the future, things for our family trip this summer, how to manage my money so I can buy fun stuff that is expensive… DIY projects, etc.

8. Worrying about: My anxiety, my appointment with the psychiatrist in a couple weeks, my appointment with my new GI in a couple days, what the heck is wrong with my intestines right now, I can’t find an SLPA program online in NC, my future is ruined (dramatic), I don’t want to clean the house but I have to but I don’t want to, etc.

9. Obsessed with: Clear nail polish and boho-head wear. Also, making my own wall art + words to frame and stick on my wall. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

10: Shopping for: Bedroom stuff. Like new bedding, a tapestry, lamps. Shelving. Also maxi dresses and palazzo pants, because that is all I want to wear this summer.


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