We were back at the Rose Gardens in Wilson, NC this weekend, and it was such a pretty day! I brought my camera and we went for a walk. I thought by now this place would be a little more bloomed, and pretty, but it was still nice!

I’m so in love with sunshine + greenery.. it just exudes liveliness and comfort, and I love it. This rose garden is perfect for dog walks, photo ops, and picnics! It’s the perfect little spot and is usually pretty quiet.  Speaking of picnics, Target has the cutest little picnic baskets and I think I really need one! Kyle says I won’t use it but once before it starts collecting dust, but I really do think I would use it more than he says! I’m pretty sure I would pack up my food just to eat in the backyard.. Don’t test me, we have a lovely shady tree out there that’s just begging to be picnicked under.

This weekend Kyle + I got to participate in our very first “pay it forward” drive through line at our Starbucks! It was sweet, and kind of neat to be a part of. We drove to Wilson because we were originally planning on going to Petersburg, VA (they have one of my fave cafe’s there!) but they were hosting a 5k today, so we decided not to get all mixed up whatever kind of traffic and crowding that was going to attract. We ate a deli called Carolina Cheese Co. and it was really good! We had beers with our sandwiches and they have some of the best home fries/chip I’ve ever had. Then we visited the gardens, and then drove all over looking for a cafe that didn’t exist. (Thanks, Google!)

We had to hit up Harris Teeter while we were there too, for sushi + craft beer of course. Then Target, and the GameStop, and all the places we don’t have at home.. I would’ve walked into TjMaxx, too, but I just made my quarterly tax payment, so I’m just a little bit broke. *eye roll*

If you’re interested in my outfit details:

Hat – Target

Tank – Cotton On

Kimono – Walmart (seriously, such a find!)

Jeans – Old Navy

Sandals – Payless


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