I saw this campaign/contest happening at @theshimmerproject on instagram, and I wanted to submit, but then I was feeling sort of inspired to just write a whole thing about it because it’s really important to me.

Self worth isn’t something I ever acknowledged. I knew I had low self-esteem and poor body image, but it was all connected to my outward appearance. I never really thought about how I felt about myself as a person, or the relationship I had with myself. It never crossed my mind. And a strong relationship with yourself is something everyone should have. It’s important.

The term “self worth” is pretty self explanatory. It’s how much worth you put on yourself. Regardless of what positive or negative things people say about you, without any outside influence… how do you feel about yourself? What sort of value you think you hold? Obviously, we should all hold ourselves to a high standard, and see that we’re worth everything we could ever dream of. Not to say that we grow big egos, but to know that we’re not dirt. We’re worth love, happiness, success, kindness, etc. We’re deserving of it simply because we’re human beings. We deserve to feel like we’re good enough to have those things. It’s acknowledging all of the talents and goodness in your heart, and knowing that your downfalls, shortcomings, and mistakes are separate from/cannot even begin to diminish said value.

Having a strong relationship with yourself is the foundation of every relationship you’ll have. It’s what will act as your backbone when you need to stand up for yourself. It’s your strength. It’s important to take care of yourself, and remind yourself that you matter. Your voice matters. Your opinions and feelings are valid because you’re worth something of value and everything you stand for, believe in, and feel, are too.

If you can see all of the things in yourself, that you love about others, you’ll begin to see your worth. If it takes a mantra that you tell yourself every morning, or it times of self-doubt, then so be it! If it takes some self-reflection and some self discovery, then that’s awesome. Whatever it takes to get yourself to see how much you’re worth, do it. Because acknowledging your self worth, and having a strong, healthy relationship with yourself will change your life. 

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