Three years is a long time looking back, and just a small fraction of what’s sitting ahead of us.

It’s been a really exciting and unique experience getting to know someone on this level. Never, outside of my family, have I ever had to share a space, a bed, a bathroom, I mean, an entire life, really. Being really and truly in love with someone, and sharing all of those things, is definitely different. Not in a bad way, though. The last 5 months have been so much fun, and I’ve learned so much about myself, our relationship, and I’ve been forced to grow up a little.

Having him to cook new things with, show my family’s recipes to, and vice versa has been the most fun, I think. I’m teaching him how to make things I’ve been eating for years and he’s showing me different ways to make the things I like, and showing me things I’ve never tried before, too. I think opening yourself up to new experiences, people’s histories, and stories, is one of the best ways you can learn and grow as a person, and I love that about being in a relationship (or meeting and getting to know people in general). But relationships in particular help you in getting to know a whole other world of people more intimately, a whole new community, and a whole new way of life. I’ve learned so many lessons of kindness, food, and love through the people I’ve met since being in a relationship with Kyle.

I love being in a relationship. I love being in my relationship. We’re not afraid to voice our opinions, or emotions to each other. We can talk anything out, we’re there for each other, and we have fun together. We respect each other’s personal space when we need it, and we just work well together. We know how to be and act with each other. We appreciate each other. There’s nothing more beautiful than two souls coming together like this. I didn’t know what love was or felt like, until I met him and he showed me. They way he puts me first, considers my feeling, and how he always puts so much importance on my comfort and happiness.

– In the winter, he starts my car for me, turns the heat on, and turns the seat heater on so it’s warm before I get in. (one time he started my car for me and turned nothing on, so it was still cold when we got in. It was so funny, but the thought was so sweet!)

– One time I came home from work and it was raining, and he met me outside with a rain jacket so I didn’t get wet. (Getting wet in my clothes is one of my pet peeves. Worst feeling in the world!)

– When we first started dating, he would leave me sticky notes with little happy phrases on them – in my purse, in my shoes, in my books, etc. (I taped them all into a scrapbook from the first year of our relationship!)

– Every time he pumps my gas, he cleans my windshield.

– I actually don’t think I’ve ever pumped my own gas with him with me.

– He doesn’t let me sleep or leave the house without an “I love you” & a kiss. (Even when we lived apart/far from each other, I got a sweet phone call every night.)

– He always offers me ice water when he knows I don’t feel well. (my cure-all)

– One night, he put my pajamas in the dryer before I got out of the shower, so they were warm for me when I got out. (um, swoon.)

– He never lets me walk on the street side of the sidewalk.  (safety first)

– We had a Waffle House date planned, but he took me to Cracker Barrel instead because I ran out of my asthma medication and he thought some locations still allowed smoking inside the building. (Who thinks about that?! …he does.)

– He was working on a snow day and he left work to bring me some of their leftover soup. (thanks guys!)

The list goes on and I could add to it every day! Things like this make me feel okay about him leaving his beer bottles all around the house (literally anywhere except the trash can).

He’s working today, so we had some fun Friday night in celebration. And we’re planning a little trip to Wilmington next month too!

We went to Norfolk with intentions of purchasing some furniture but on the way there, we realized furniture wouldn’t really fit in my car, so we walked a bit through some of the art district and then went to the mall and bought each other anniversary presents. Kyle took me to Sephora and I bought him new Vans! Then we met friends at Sushi King, which is our new favorite place to eat in Norfolk! It’s an all you can eat restaurant and runs you about 20$ a person, but it’s so worth it! Unlimited spring rolls and shrimp tempura rolls for me, and Kyle eats about half a sea worth of sushi. Then we went to the Admirals game and stayed for most of it before we headed back home. We had to spread our extremities to be “scanned” before we went in, which was really weird and has never happened to me before. And the woman who took my ID so I could get a beer, held it for so long, and kept flipping it over and over like she wasn’t sure it was real. It was an awkward minute for me, just staring at her looking at my ID like it was fake!

Last night, we got ice cream and fries and played with his Nintendo 64 before going to bed, and unlimited kisses, giggles, and smiles this morning before he headed out to work.




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