“You are exploring the wisdom of your soul. You are shedding old ways and beliefs that no longer fit who you are becoming. Be brave, dear one. You are becoming your authentic self.”

I’m not sure who said this, I just found it on Pinterest (of course) and I felt it was extremely relevant to my life/way of thinking lately.

We are all forever changing beings. We are constantly evolving into different versions of ourselves as we learn, experience, and live. And we need to embrace it. Every change we go through, every difficulty we endure, every piece of happiness we experience is going into what makes us great as individuals. Lately, I’ve had a hard time accepting change. I’ve been reluctant to accept that I am a different person than who I used to be. I act differently, I speak differently, I am interested in different things, and it was easy until I changed in a more negative way. That, I didn’t want to accept. And I felt guilty. I felt guilty when people said I had changed, or guilty because someone pointed something out about me/something I said, that maybe my old self did believe, or agree with and I felt hypocritical. But that’s not a fair or positive way of thinking, at all.

All change, whether it’s good or bad, is beneficial to the grand scheme of our lives. Eventually, we’ll realize that the negativity we experienced opened us to other opportunities. Or we’ll see that all the fear was to get us to realize something we had kept hidden from ourselves. Our new views on certain subjects or behaviors are just the byproducts of maturity, change, and becoming who we truly are, regardless of outside influences.

I’ve heard a million times, that we’re not really who we are until we’re 25. I think at every age we are surrounded by influences and when we’re young, we tend to just take from them what we like and what we think is right, or what we’re told is right, really.. we don’t know any better. As we grow, we learn the difference between what we’re pressured to think and we we really think. We don’t even see that we’re not thinking on our own, we just go along with the fads, we don’t do our own research, we agree with the masses, etc. We do what people tell us, and I guess that’s part of being a child, or being young.. And as we get older, we gain the capability of forming our own educated opinions and beliefs. In the process of doing so, we grow as individuals. And I think it’s when we acknowledge this change as it happens, that we really change the most. Seeing the change in ourselves is important when it comes to acceptance and not feeling guilt or feeling wrong for it.

Seeing this of ourselves will help us to see it in others.

So often do I find myself casting judgement on someone for doing something that doesn’t fit what I know them to be. For example,  if I knew someone from years ago who was self absorbed, and now I see them (via social media) with more humanitarian qualities, I always assume it’s insincere. Which obviously isn’t fair to them, and it puts unnecessary negativity into my own head. I wouldn’t want someone to make assumptions on my character or my beliefs, so why would I make that sort of negative assumption of someone else? When I don’t even know who they are anymore? I (try to) never speak on another’s character because I simply don’t know it well enough at any given point in their ever-changing lives to do so. Unfortunately, it’s sort of a knee-jerk reaction to make assumptions, because that’s just how our brains work.

What I’m trying to get at, anyway, is that things happen everyday, good and bad. We are, as individuals, changing, and evolving, and twisting, and forming every. day. Maybe in response to those happenings, or maybe just as a result of our own self-exploration, soul searching, and discovery. Regardless, I only know what happens to myself every day. I don’t even know what my own mother deals with on a daily basis, let alone anyone else. So instead of having an opinion on someone for something I see as “out of character”, I will start seeing them as having changed, just as I have.


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