Give it to God.

God is bigger than this.

He is bigger than you.

He is bigger than your fears, your sadness, your discomfort.

Release this negativity to him and he will take care of you.

This (and other variations of this), is the only thing that seems to help calm me down through my anxiety when I feel it coming on.

I didn’t really care so much about religion and faith until my anxiety kicked it into high gear. It was actually something I questioned quite often.

I was raised Catholic; baptized, first communion, confirmation, etc. We went to church every Sunday. Sunday school, Vacation Bible school, church plays, the occasional Monday women’s meeting.. But as I got older, I started questioning a lot about organized religions in general.

I thought, “Well, you can’t argue with a scientific explanation with actual proof and logic sitting right in front of your face.”

I didn’t understand how people could be so devoted and so trusting, so enthusiastic and dedicated to something that was probably not even real. When science has so much evidence about the world, how can you say it’s wrong? And that God made it? There are tons of different religions and belief systems and only one can be correct in the end. Who’s to say any of them are right? What if we’re all wrong? What does happen after we die?

But I don’t think any of that is the point. Regardless of what’s true or what’s false, having faith is good for you. Having something bigger to believe in, give you purpose, and give you hope is important in living a full and happy life; especially when things get difficult.

Compared to other mammals, humans have such heightened intellect. We question everything. Our smarts as a species have brought us the technology, medical advances, and the living conditions/architecture that we’re used to as a developed society. But I also think that our active minds will prove to be our biggest downfall. We ask too many questions (not saying this is a bad thing in all aspects of life), we demand certainty about everything, we’re always looking for ways to have more time. And we seem to be disregarding the beauty of blind faith more and more every day. Faith gives us the opportunity to  live life without so much worry, knowing God is looking over everything. It gives us someone/something to talk to; pray to. Express our worries and doubts to. And we leave it with him. And in return we have peace.

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