Dream Pinterest weddings, the perfect engagement rings, the right social media announcements.. “he did so good!” “this ring is everything.”

I used to care about all of that. I dreamed of the day I could show off my sparkly engagement ring, screaming “Somebody does love me!”

Counting down the days on some phone app to the day me and mine say our “I do’s” . 

Spending an obscene amount of money to make the one day I get married, absolutely perfect, because it’s my day.

And I think meeting my one true soul mate is what changed all of that for me.

All I truly want is to spend my life with him, regardless of the party, the expensive jewelry, or “having a wedding better than hers” – (believe it or not, people actually do this. Along with asking their person to return their ring for a better one..OY.)

Having a healthy and inconceivably blissful relationship is all my soul needs to be happy.

Not a flashy wedding.

The fun experience should be the actual marriage. Not the wedding reception. I want the fun to be our entire life together, not just the extravagant festivities to celebrate the one day we decided to devote our lives to each other. I think the real magic is in continuing to devote our lives to each other every single day. Like everyone always says, actions speak louder than words, and saying “I do” on the day of your wedding is different than saying “I do” every single day for the rest of your lives. Getting married is more than the wedding. More than a ring. More than a guest list, and more than a party worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Since I met Kyle, my dreams have switched from materialistic items and celebrations, to having kids together that can look up to their daddy, the firefighter. Being a “soccer mom in a mini van” (or baseball mom in an SUV, hehe.) Learning more about my soul mate every single day. The depths of his mind, his soul, and experiencing more and more of his love. Living a happy life on the beach. Seeing the world together. Having experiences together. Just being together in utter happiness. Those are my new dreams, and the only reason I can see us rushing any wedding plans would be to achieve those dreams faster.

And none of this is to say we shouldn’t have weddings or pretty rings, or receptions surrounded by our loved ones.. we absolutely should! It is a big deal, it’s just not the only thing about getting/being married, and I think we get so caught up in plans, perfection, money, and everything being bigger and better, that we forget that.

Don’t forget what you’re actually celebrating when you’re celebrating. Appreciate the thought, what it symbolizes, and what your person paid for the ring they used to propose their entire life to you. 

Bridezillas got me heated, jeez.

In other news, I had wine for dinner and now I can’t get up.



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