I love New York so much. I don’t know what it is – maybe that it’s a totally different world that what I’m used to? It’s just… kinda special.

Which is why it’s so weird that I hate it.

Let me explain.

When we travel to New York, we are usually in Brooklyn, or Long Island. Rarely do we ever venture into the big city. To date, I think I’ve come here 3 times, total. Each time was a bit of a disaster, but I keep coming back trying to have a better experience and it literally never happens.

Which is why I knew this trip would be difficult for me. I tend to get easily overwhelmed so coming here has been something I have been sort of mentally preparing myself for, like, I have to do this to prove to myself that I can. Especially after all my anxiety started!

The train ride in was fine. We took an Amtrak train. The first train we were supposed to be on, hit a logging truck. The second one was like 3 hours late. So aside from the delays and lack of updates on their iPhone app… it was fine.

When we got to Penn Station, I just wanted to get to where we were going and I was tired, cranky, and SO impatient (and super uncomfortable being there at almost midnight) and I just got so panicky! I literally wanted to turn around and get back on the train for them to take me back home. I ran to the bathroom while Kyle was waiting for our checked baggage and got sick in a stall between to two crazies talking about God only knows what, and googling how flexible Amtrak is about changing reservation dates because the second I got there I wanted to leave. NOT COOL.

Coming from a person who used to say, “I’ll die happy and satisfied only if I get to see the world” It was a little.. disheartening. Like who are you, this is not you. Now shut up and go get your bags. I took an ativan in the taxi (because my ass was not getting on a subway after midnight with all our luggage) and two advil PM before we went to bed. I didn’t sleep AT ALL. I tossed and turned all night, and all morning until about 8. Then I guess I dozed off sitting upright with a laptop in my lap and a gatorade next to me because I woke up to Kyle fully dressed for the day, tucking me in. I went in and out until almost 11 and finally got up and washed my face and tried to get myself together for the day.

I think sleeping IN the city in an old apartment was probably not the best idea for me. I couldn’t get to sleep, and it was so noisy.

It was raining the first day, but I was feeling a lot better, (just super exhausted and starving) so we went to the Starbucks near where we are staying and got coffee and breakfast and went for a long walk to Fort Tryon Park. It was very pretty and the rain made it that much more relaxing. It was a little foggy, quiet, and we only ran into one or two people which is.. rare.
We walked back to the apartment and sat in front of the fire place while I blogged and worked on some pictures from the day, and Kyle played on the iPad.. We enjoyed the view from the apartment and really enjoyed relaxing on this rainy day! Or at least I did, with my sleepy self. My aunt picked us up and took us to Brooklyn for dinner with my grandma which was really nice, too. We slept in Brooklyn that night- THANK GOD. I actually got some sleep. 

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