On a pumpkin-obsessed whim, I felt the urge to bake all things pumpkin and then blog about it. And of course, life got in the way, and like many other things, I did not finish my 7-day pumpkin craze. And I will not be finishing it because I’m totally, 100% over the pumpkin thing. I still love pumpkins, but no part of me wants to eat anything pumpkin infused anymore. So I guess it worked in getting me out of my pumpkin phase.

aaaaaaanyway – as far as life goes; I’m finding out that cooking is fun, but I’m very lazy and never want to do it. Grocery shopping sucks, but it sucks even more not to have food in my house. Doing my eyebrows makes me feel like a new person. I finally had my emotional break down over moving out that I never had time to have until recently, which was nice. (I’m hoping my sarcasm is readable here.) I’ve taken a liking to spray painting everything I own because it makes me feel like it’s new, when it’s not. My laptop’s operating system is “corrupt” and Best Buy is currently fixing it (holding it hostage) and I feel like my life is on pause until I can get it back, which feels a little pathetic, but as a photographer and with my other job, all my work is on it! Womp. And I’ve realized that I’m totally in love and obsessed with my job, and I love working at the preschool, and I love little kiddies, and I love the EC classes, and everything and everyone is just so sweet it makes my heart want to burst like a big glitter bomb and just float all over everything. And I find SUCH a comfort in finally knowing what I want to do with my life and my career. I’m happy.

Since my laptop decided to stop working, we had to drive to the nearest best buy, which, lucky me, is over an hour away. Thankfully, Kyle came with and we got to grab an early dinner, and drive around Wilson while we were there. It’s not much of a “wow” town, but it has its little characteristics, one being this cute little rose garden! Since it’s fall, it was kind of dead, or as Kyle puts it, kind of alive, but it was still fun to walk around and just talk for a few minutes and take some fun pictures. ;D

Hope we’re all having a good week!


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